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On the basis of purpose lighting is categorised into the following:

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1- Task lighting is mainly functional and concentrated.2- Accent lighting is extensively used as a decorative lighting method.3- General lighting is used for both commercial as well as decorative applications.Lighting can be done in innumerable ways. Based on the position and distribution, lighting is of following type:- Backlighting: is a very rare position of lighting and is mainly used for accented lightings.- Downlighting: is very common lighting position and can be spotted at any commercial or residential place.- Uplighting: in this method, light is emitted form the surface to the ceiling. It is less common method of lighting and is used in accented lighting methods. – Front lighting: in this method the light falls on the object from the front, hence, it makes the object look flat. It is quite common mode of lighting.Lighting needs have moved over from the general use to more decorative application. Such diverse needs also need people with diverse skill and expertise. The lighting industry is filled with various job opportunities for people with skill and experience. Lighting industry has innumerable vacancies for lighting engineer, technician, reps, managers, estimators, specialist, technical directors etc. The most economical and fast mode to search and source for these lighting job vacancies, is through online recruitment. Humres is an online recruitment consultancy with over a decade of expertise in recruiting for the lighting industry. Humres has established itself as the largest source of lighting jobs and has successfully filled vacancies by sourcing the best candidates to the clients. 14 years of experience, expertise and contacts earned by closely working with the lighting industry, enable Humres to excavate attractive lighting jobs.

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Find Jobs in Lighting, Lighting Recruitment, Lighting Careers UK, London}

Two Questions to Ask a Land Surveyor


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Having a surveyor such as Robert A. Warner & Associates Inc. perform a survey of your land is sort of like getting a history of your land, giving you guidelines on how you can use it. A land survey will actually tell you what the boundaries of your property are.

Why Should You Get a Survey Done?

While many states do not require that a land survey is done when an individual buys a home, many states do require this, with more states jumping on the bandwagon all the time. Home buyers now are encouraged always to get a home inspection for the actual buildings on the property but not always encouraged to get a land survey. Here are some of the questions that you should ask a land surveyor. Many times, a land survey will reveal things about the property that can save you a lot of hassle and money in the future.

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How Much Will It Cost?

Of course, one of the first things that anybody will want to know prior to hiring someone to perform a service for them is how much the service will cost. The best way to determine how much you will end up paying for your survey is to get at least three estimates from different surveyors. Make sure that the estimate outlines what the survey covers. Every survey is going to be different based on the size and shape of your land, and any unique features such as vegetation or the variety of the terrain.

Take a Serious Look at a Land Survey

Although land surveys are not typically required when you purchase a home, you should always consider getting one, especially if the borders of your property are unclear or if you have any reason to suspect that there are liens on the property. A land surveyor such as Robert A. Warner & Associates Inc. can help you out by answering these types of questions for you.

With an expert land surveyor in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Robert A. Warner & Associates Inc. (

) provides you with quality residential or commercial surveying. Call

Robert A. Warner & Associates Inc.


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Two Questions to Ask a Land Surveyor