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How To Write Quality Articles For Super Targeted Traffic?


Jimmy Wild

Theres no magic to creating quality articles in order to drive targeted traffic to your websites”but if its done correctly the results can seem like magic! Writing high class articles starts by knowing your target audience and knowing what it is you want to convey to them in the piece.

Your title should be catchy and draw their attention to your article, but even a catchy title wont hold a readers interest if the writing is not tight, to the point and informational. Your content must give the reader what theyre looking for and if its an exceptional article”a hint that if they click on the link in the resource box it will take them where theyll find out even more detailed information on the subject. Always leave the reader wanting just a little bit more and make sure they know that they can find that just a little bit more by clicking on your link.

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In this way your website will receive traffic targeted to your niche. Your articles should flow naturally as though the person reading the article was standing in front of you and you were speaking to them. Be mindful of the keywords youre using because if you overuse them in your articles most article directories will reject them as having too many. Keyword stuffing is never a good idea because it means that youre trying to artificially put those words into the article and it makes for unnatural writing. Unnatural writing will make for unnatural reading and you dont want that to happen.

Try to write as though youre speaking to a friend. If youre not able to write the articles yourself, you can outsource them to qualified writers. The benefits to doing this are two-fold: your time is freed up to work on other projects and Article directories will bestow Expert author status upon you if you submit a certain amount of articles to them. Once this status is earned, your articles will receive higher views and better stats and you will be the proud recipient of targeted traffic to your website.

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Web Page Design Tool

December 18, 2017

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By Victoria

If you are looking for a web page design tool then there are a few things you will need figure out, such as:

How experienced you are in web page design

What is the purpose of the web page you’ll be designing

How detailed will your page need to be

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How experienced you are using HTML editors

What kind of a budget are you working with

How experienced you are in web page design? I ask this because some web page design tools are built for the novice while others are built for the experienced. As you might imagine a web page design tool for the more experienced will have many more features than those that are created for the beginning web page designer.

If you are new to designing a web page then they are many things you will need to learn about how a web page is laid out and the things you can do with a web page. My suggestion for the novice is to find a web page design tool that provides step by step instructions and allows you to point and click to design your web page.

Next we have to decide why we are building a web page. Though this seems like a silly question it makes a difference in whether we can use a simple web page design tool or if we need one with more tools and options. Most of the web page design tools provided by many of the internet service providers are find for a simple profile type web page, but if you are going to use your web page to make money over the internet then you will need a web page design tool that is a bit more sophisticated.

That brings us to our next point, how detailed will our web page need to be. Again, if you are just starting out and you don’t have a whole lot going on your page then you can use a very simple web page design tool versus a complicated HTML editor.

If you don’t have much experience then you will want to find a web page design tool that is simple to use yet will allow you to create a professional looking page. Most web page design tool or HTML editors will require a basic knowledge of HTML code and how to lay out a web page, if you are brand knew to building a web page then you’re going to have to either spend some time studying HTML code or find a step by step type web page design tool. In the beginning I would suggest starting off with the simpler web page design tool then work your way into the more complex ones after you have some experience building web pages.

Cost is another issue to consider. A web page design tool price will range from free to a few hundred dollars. A warning about free web page design tools, most of the ones you find will have many limitations and you will soon find yourself looking from a new program. But there is also no reason to go out and purchase the most expensive web page design tool out there. You can find a number of them at a very reasonable price that will do everything you will need to do.

Remember, when choosing a web page design tool think about how much help you will need, how detailed your web page will be and what your budget is. Happy Web Page Designing.

About the Author: Victoria Hargis has been a web developer for over 10 years. Take all the fear out of web site design, Learn to Build a Web Page with a revolutionary new Web Page Design Tool. Follow the step by step, point and click web page design tool Go to:


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By Charles Essmeier

Have you ever seen a commercial or an ad promising free government grant money? According to these ads, the government and other organizations give away nearly one half a trillion dollars each year, and all you need to do is apply!

The ads go on to state that the money can be used for anything, including debt consolidation , student loans, a yacht or just about any frivolous thing you can imagine. All you need to do is call their toll free number, buy their book or enroll in their program and the details are soon on their way to you.A half a trillion dollars is certainly enticing, but are organizations really just giving money away for the asking?

Not exactly. Grants are certainly available from the Federal Government and elsewhere, but its not as though the money is just handed out for the asking. Grants are usually given by organizations interested in achieving specific goals.

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If youre interested in bringing water to the desert, you might find an organization thats interested in global water distribution to aid you in your quest with a grant.

Its doubtful that youll find an organization thats interested in helping you pay off your Mastercard bill or funding your dream vacation home in Sun Valley.

Some of these organizations that advertise grant information are running scams, and theyre just out to take your money and run.

Others are fairly legitimate in that they will provide information to you for your fee, but the information they provide is readily available elsewhere for free If you are really interested in grant money, theres no reason to answer to the ads on TV promising free grant money. The term free grant money is a rather odd term, anyway, since the word grant means bestow its a gift, and if its a gift, then of course its free!

You can find out about grants from the Federal Government by visiting the official Government grant Website If you are in doubt about one of these organizations, it never hurts to check with your local Better Business Bureau.

About the Author: Copyright 2005 by Retro Marketing. Charles Essmeier is the owner of Retro Marketing, a firm devoted to informational Websites, including



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