Divya Music is a professionally managed global organization dedicated to the promotion and development of performing arts- music and Dance. Learn Indian instrumental Vocal/ instrumental music or Indian Dances through online on Skype or Google Hangouts or with our regular classes at Divya Music centre.

India has a great heritage of classical dance and music. From the years India has been practicing the aesthetics of music and dance. And in the world the beauty of Indian music and dance are now very famous and identified differently.

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Divya Music School is a global school of Music and Dance offering short term and certificate level courses and regular term Diploma level courses for the global students.

Learning Indian music and dance now is not a tough matter, through internet Divya music offers you E learning program on all types of Indian music and Dance forms. http://musicschoolindia.com

Best field of Divya Music School:

Divya Music one of the top music schools in India and Delhi NCR, offers short term certificate level hobby course classes in dance and music. Divya Music is a registered organization and professionally managed, it’s engaged in vocal and instrumental music education and training. Divya Music is being headed by a group of highly experienced and talented artists and management professional.

Our commitment is to always deliver high quality education and other services for the promotion and development of performing arts; our belief in values and dedication towards achieving the best in music and dance is reflected in our work, performance and achievements. We firmly believe in achievements through team work and with the effective fusion of the best in traditional and the modern with the sophisticated advanced technology.

Courses provided by Divya Music:

We provide courses for music (vocal and all kind of Indian instruments; classical, light and folk music forms) and dance (all classical and folk forms) as follows:

Introductory certificate course for beginners

Intermediate certificate course

Advanced certificate course

Junior diploma

Senior diploma

Sangeet Prabhakar

Divya Music is an organization affiliated to Prayag Sangeet Samiti. We offered

Music and Dance learning classes for the kids and children participating in the popular Indian Television reality shows, Music-Dance competition in schools and colleges, stage shows etc.

Divya Music offers regular and online courses to learn instrumental or vocal music and Dance; regular classes at Divya music centre and online on Skype or Google Hangouts.

E learning:

The online real time, live, one-on-one interactive online music lessons and online dance classes performed through the modern E- learning technology offers best convenience and saves a lot of time and cost on commuting to the nearest music school/ music teacher or a dance school/ dance teacher, providing freedom to schedule the saved time for practicing the music lessons or dance lessons before or after the live, interactive online music/ dance learning session.

Divya music centre:

We are based in Vasant Kunj Enclave area, New Delhi, with nature little bit far from the crowd and noise. Our main focus is on creativity; our purpose is to make something new and imaginative. Music is bountiful and blessing of Guru and God and that all is with us. We take classes as per your schedule. We provide all kinds of instrumental and vocal classes and Dance classes according to your convenience. We have very good, experienced staffs and colleaguesArticle Submission, who are very helpful in nature and will describe you lesson as you want.

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RFID Asset Tracking in business and how the RFID tags are for sure a sought after device by more businesses now. This is also a look at how best to make use of these devices.

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Asset Tracking solutions can radically improve asset management and asset control for any business, hence why and how they have become so popular. RFID Tracking Equipment will automatically update the location and visibility of your assets – no matter of the type of asset and what the asset may be doing for the business in question. This is why a business without the devices needs to get on board and begin to utilize the offering of devices in the market and what they can enable for a business and for the end user as a whole. 

Market-leading RFID solutions offering continuous, real-time, automated tracking of all business assets and equipment can be sourced easily given the fact there are firms out there able to manage large asset quantites. This is for sure a way how a lot of the top logistics firms have been able to make good overall use of the devices in recent times. A lot of the top providers such as Gist have for sure been able to use asset tracking devices very effectively in this very way. You see a lot of trucks on the motorways nowadays more than ever before and you can be sure they all have GPS so time can be logged more effectively.

Tracking assets is an important concern of every company, regardless of size; RFID tracking for sure works to good effect to enable this for the end user. RFID tags are used for automatic asset management and they are small in terms of size and can be used and attached to any and every type of asset overall. Find and compare Fixed Asset Management software by making sure you look through all of the right online websites and resources. It helps also to make sure you read up on reviews of the devices. 

A complete RFID fixed asset management system with an intuitive interface that is easy to implement for sure helps as a means to enable a business to run better. Dual technology RFID and Bar code tag Keeping track of company assets is crucial to any business and this again is why there are hundreds if not thousands of companies. Businesses of all types have been able to use these devices as a core way of being able to better track and control assets. Use GPS or RFID asset tracking for greater operational control and use it also as a great way to make your business a lot more profitable. 

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Decks are more than just an add on to a home. When you customize the design of them, you create a space that’s easier to work with and better fitting for all of your needs.

Decks provide an outdoor space to sit and relax in while enjoying the weather. However, people use this space in many ways and each person’s needs are very different. It goes without saying that the installation of a deck onto your home will add value to it. However, there is more to look for than just that when considering your options. Talk to a local contractor to help you to create a space that fills your needs so that you can enjoy this add on space to your home in the way that you want to. It may be easier to do than you realize.

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Customizing to Your Needs

When it comes to decks, there is no wrong answer in terms of what size, structure and functional aspects the space should have. Consider what you need to use this space for and what you want to be able to do when you have it in place. That is the place to start when it comes to selecting a customized decking for your home. What do you want to do on this space? Then, you can begin to customize your plans to create a space that’s workable to your needs.

Consider size first. Although many people consider having just one space on the back or the front of their home, consider extending this. Instead of a small deck at your front door, expand it down farther under your windows. Instead of just a small patio off the side of the home, consider what the addition of more space here could mean. Bigger is not always better, but adding more space may give you more ways to use this area throughout the year.

Next, consider the activities you would like to do before you even put together a plan for the decks. For example, do you plan to add numerous growing containers to grow vegetables or flowers? Do you want there to be a space on the railings for you to hang flower boxes? Do you want a bench or a few built into the structure of the deck? Where will the steps come down? Will the entire decking connect to your pool or other structures in your yard? Consider all of the options before making a decision.

Work with a Professional

Once you have some ideas of what you would like to see in your decking, work with a local professional. This contractor will develop plans and may even give you more ideas to consider. These professionals can also provide you with advice on what you can and cannot do in any space. Customizing the look and function of decks is something you can doPsychology Articles, but you’ll want the advice of a professional before making any big decisions.

Decks can be outstanding additions to a home especially when they serve the needs you have. Make them large enough for entertaining or small enough to provide a getaway. The key is to get a customized solution right for you.

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Rotating equipment like motors, compressors, fans and pumps are vital components in most manufacturing machinery. Preservation and maintenance of such equipment understandably becomes a prime focus to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operations of a manufacturing plant. Most plants assign teams to conduct predictive maintenances and condition-based monitoring by implementing vibration analysis equipment.

Vibration analysis equipment can be typically implemented on all forms of rotating equipment ranging from less than 1 rpm to over 10000 rpm. This means they can be used on paper machines, turbines, motorgenerators, reciprocating engines, conveyor belts, rolling mills and mining tools like continuous mining machines and long wall shearers.

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Industries like aviation and power generation, where rotating equipment hashigh operational significance make frequent use of vibration analyzers to avert breakdowns and reduce maintenance and production expenses. Vibration analysis equipment typically consists of transducer probes and analysis software that enable maintenance personnel to understand the overall health of a machine by measuring minute vibrations in its bearing locations. This process helps identify exactly which components are faulty before any serious damage occurs.

Statistics show that about 80% of machinery issues isdue to imbalance or misalignments in the rotating equipments. Implementation of vibration analyzers helps avoid premature bearing, coupling, shaft sealing and gear wear-and-tearing. It is important to understand that imbalances or misalignments do not necessarily happen only over a period of time but may even occur immediately after the installation of new machinery. Vibration analysis techniques also help authenticate the accurate installation of a new piece of machinery.

Vibration analyzers to rotation equipment are like electrocardiograms to the human heart. Vibration monitoring equipment helps monitor the rhythm of the rotation equipment and identify abnormalities, if any. The vibration spectrum provides a reading of the rotation equipment much like a health chart after a cardiac stress test, and even highlights the origin of the uncharacteristic vibrations.

Vibration analyzers function on two simple principles.First, every common failure mode will consist of distinct vibration frequencies that can be identified in isolation. And, unless there is a change in the functional dynamics of machinery, each distinct vibration component will have consistent amplitude.

Vibration analyzer exercises combined with strong condition monitoring processes are said to offer ROI of six times the overall capital cost of machinery. Equipped with the kind of information offered by vibration analysis equipment, personnel can take informed decisions related to repair and maintenance of machinery and make sure that that they function flawlessly throughout the operational process.

Scottish football team Hibernian appoint new manager
January 21, 2020

Friday, November 25, 2011

Scottish football team Hibernian F.C. (Hibs) have appointed Pat Fenlon as their new manager. Fenlon signed the contract at Hibs’ Easter Road home ground in the capital, Edinburgh.

[Hibernian are] a club with a rich history and proud traditions.

Fenlon left Bohemian F.C., an Irish football team he managed since 2008, so that he could manage Hibernian, which he is “really excited by”. Fenlon’s management career has previously remained in his native Ireland. From 2002, Fenlon managed Shelbourne F.C., which won the UEFA Cup in three of the five seasons he managed the team for. Fenlon went on to manage Derby City in 2007 before taking the managing position at Bohemians. According to Fenlon, Hibernian are “a club with a rich history and proud traditions.” Fenlon’s Hibs contract will last until the conclusion of 2013 / 2014 football season.

Hibs have now had five managers in as many years. Colin Calderwood is the most recent before Fenlon, being removed from his position on November 6 after twelve months managing the team. In that time they played in forty-nine matches and won in twelve of them. Calderwood has since gone on to become part of Birmingham City F.C., a football team based in the English city of Birmingham.

At the end of the previous football season, Hibernian F.C. placed tenth. As it stands, the team are currently ninth in the Scottish Premier League table. In reference to what he called the “quality players on Hibernian’s playing staff”, Fenlon stated that “there will need to be a lot of hard work and a clear change in mindset shown collectively by the team” and that a major target for them will be “to provide winning football to the Hibernian supporters, who have gone through some hard times recently.”

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File photo of Pat Fenlon from 2007 Image: Maiden City Images.

Easter Road, the home ground for Hibernian F.C., as seen in 2010. Image: Jeff Winter.

Map of Edinburgh, Scotland. Hibernian F.C. is based in Leith, in the north of the city. Image: OpenStreetMap.

File photo of former Hibernian F.C. manager Colin Calderwood from 2007. Image: Jonesy702.

SAHTECH, SEMI, and Semiconductor Industry to promote “SEMI Safety Guideline” in Taiwan
January 21, 2020

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

“Localization of ‘SEMI Safety Guideline'”, executed by Safety and Health Technology Center of Taiwan (SAHTECH) and supervised by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), was announced today in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

This localization included several fields on health and safety of semiconductor manufacturing, certification testing on electrical devices, evaluations on fire or natural diseases, and environmental issues on semiconductor manufacturing devices, etc.. Companies and manufacturers from the semiconductor industry also paid more attentions on this guideline because issues on carbon-savings, earthquakes, fire diseases, and environment-efficiencies were included into this guideline.

This [safety] guideline was originally promoted by SEMI since 1975 and was set up according to industry infrastructures in Europe, America, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Currently, its standards from the S1 to S25 was completely ruled by several world-class executives in semiconductor industry, and the S26 standard for FPD industry, proposed in Taiwan, was also in several arrangements with the other countries.
The semiconductor industry is a high-value industry in every country. If a fabrication plant (fab) was vandalized with fire or earthquake, how will a company decrease its lossless after a disease? As of some examples from the other countries, several companies didn’t pay more attentions on devices’ safety and finally got a damn trouble on counting lossless after a disease. By the way, voltages on electric using will take effect on energy especially the wasting of CO2. We [the semiconductor industry in Taiwan] hope this announcement will drive on global safety standards.
Generally, the designs of a fab will take effect on possibilities when a disease take place in, and its scale will chain much wasting on manufacturing devices and materials. For example, when using fluorine in a fab, a company would consider using a gas tank car rather than a steel bottle. But due to environment and carbon-saving issues, some evaluations should be tested in a fab.

On the other side of the incoming trade show of 2008 SecuTech Expo, scheduled after 2 weeks at Taipei World Trade Center, not only main fields on security devices, information security, and fire & disease preventions, the digital monitoring will be a hot topic in security industry. For applications on fire & disease preventions, because its issues contained industrial applications and ESH (Environmental, Safety & Health) managements, if a company want to decrease the ratio of fire disease or earthquake, companies from safety and related industries should pay more attentions on disease preventions.

Most people will hop on a Trujillo tour for the archaeological sites. These are certainly fascinating, but don’t miss out on top Trujillo beaches and the city’s cultural offering. Learn more about Trujillo in this article, written by an expert in Peru tours at Peru For Less.

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Peru is an exciting country replete with history, culture, and adventure. The northern city of Trujillo beautifully encapsulates all of these traits and more. If your interest in is archaeology, a Trujillo tour is a great complement to Machu Picchu tours (especially if you are hiking the Inca Trail). The northern Peruvian culture also differs from Andean culture, so travelers interested in living traditions will be fascinated by the similarities and differences between the two regions (and if you can also visit the Amazon, so much the better!) Here are just a few must see attractions for Trujillo travel.


Most people will add a Trujillo tour to their itinerary because of the archaeological attractions. This region was host to the pre-Colombian Moche and the Chimu civilizations, both of which preceded the Inca Empire, the first by many centuries. The Chimu Empire was one of those absorbed by the territorial expansions of Inca Tupac Yupanqui late in the 15th century. The Moche are renowned for the monumental Huacas del Sol y de la Luna (pyramids of the sun and moon), as well as for their ceramics art. Another famous vestige of the Moche culture is the El Brujo archaeological site, where mummified woman was recently discovered. The tomb is valuable because it is one of the few that have not been looted and so hosts a wealth of archaeological riches. (The Tomb of the Lord of Sipan, also belonging to the Moche culture, is in the nearby city of Chiclayo.) The huge Chan Chan archaeological complex belongs to the Chimu culture. This city, which at one point housed thousands of artisans, has been declared a World Heritage Site.


The interplay of a deep historic past with the present culture of Peru is one of the most fascinating elements of travel to Trujillo. In the historic center, travelers will see the legacy of Spanish colonization in this, one of the first cities founded after the conquest. In fact, the city is named after the hometown of the Peru’s Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro. Spaniards introduced horses to the Americas and the Peruvian Paso, a horse recognized for the smoothness of its 4-beat gait, is the product of long centuries of breeding. In some cases the “caballo de paso” is used in another of Trujillo’s cultural contributions, the marinera, a dance which brings together the Spanish, African, and native indigenous cultures that make up Peru.


For a perfect ending to a Peru vacation in Trujillo, head to one of the nearby beaches. Huanchaco Beach has long drawn domestic tourists but it becoming to attract increasing numbers of foreign travelers. Trujillo’s location between Lima and the beaches of Mancora in the far north make it a perfect way to break up the long trip. The beaches are also drawing the attention of surfers. Be sure to sample the excellent ceviche on the beaches of Trujillo.

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When it comes to pearl jewelry accessories, the most obvious choices of women are pearl earrings. They are simple and can be worn for any occasion with any outfit. Other accessories, such as pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, rings and pendants give a very graceful and elegant look to woman that take their time to decide when to use them and where. However, with pearl earrings, we are not concerned about their behavior at all. They go with dresses, skirts, pants, etc., and are perfect for all locations. If a formal meeting or family reunions women can wear their beautiful pearl earrings.

There are several options when it comes to choosing pearl earrings. The primary one is a simple pearl stud. They are usually small or medium and can wear everywhere. The color options are numerous. Most of them have only freshwater pearls. They are not very expensive. The women of all ages love it too. It can be a perfect gift for birthday. The price of snacks bolts by size. The hooks do not use any metal. They are usually gold or silver times. They are easier to find in the market.

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Another popular choice for pearl earrings close to studs is collar earrings. They are beautiful and perfect for office purpose. Complete a professional look. They are made with silver, gold or platinum.

Slightly longer than the stud are dewdrop beads. They are extremely elegant and the perfect choice for the wedding. They have two pearls in this type. The upper part is in the form of stud and the bottom just below. What makes these dewdrops very special and unique are the two pearls of different colors. This gives them an elegant look.

Another type is the drop earrings with diamonds, topaz crystals. This is a unique feature of pearl earrings that can be combined with other gemstones and their beauty is always different from another gem. The outstanding beauty of the stone is widely used in a unique way.

The longer forms of pearl earrings are the layered earrings and the ritzy ones they are best match with long dress and suits. The layers of strings of pearls are passed through them. They are very light and beautiful, with short skirts and dresses.

The different options that can be found when pearl earrings. Actually, the new models are coming on the market all the time. Jewelry designers are very innovativeBusiness Management Articles, so the market is full of outstanding drawings. Just be sure to dress to match beads you are looking for.

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You can fight hair loss. If you are starting to notice that your hair is thinning, then the best solution is to start using natural hair care products. Why?

Natural hair products are full of herbs, vitamins, and oils that can promote healthy hair growth. Several studies have proven that the foods we eat today lack critical nutrients vital to having stong and healthy hair. In order to combat hair loss, many people have begun eating healthier and taking more vitamins. While this will help your hair grow, unless you start stimulating your scalp by massaging it and infusing your hair follicles with vitamin rich oils, your efforts will only result in merger gains.

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First, stop buying drugstore shampoos and conditoners. My grandpa always use to tell me you get what you pay for; and in the case of most drugstore hair care products, he was correct. No matter whether you are buying a $1 bottle of shampoo or a $17 bottle of shampoo, you are buying the same shampoo, with a different label. I have worked inside the hair care products industry for over 35 years, with everyone from Revlon to Johnson & Johnson, and now I spend my time as a consumer educator. The ugly truth about sythenic drugstore shampoos is that the $1 bottle of shampoo you buy costs .10 – .30 to manufacturer and the $17 bottle of shampoo costs .10 to .70 cents to manufacturer, not including packaging. On the other hand, if you buy an all natural shampoo that costs you $18, in most cases, it would have cost $10 -$12 to manufacturer, not including packaging. The diference in cost is in the quality of ingredients. Nautural hair care products do not contain chemicals that damage hair to increase the shelf life of a product. Nautral hair care shampoos are full of vitamins and herbs that stimulate hair growth. Natural hair care shampoos are not predominately just water, suds, and bubbles. Now that you know why you should by natural hair care products, let me tell you what to buy to stop hair loss.

In my opinion, the best natural shampoos for stimulating hair growth will contain Rosemary essential oil, not just rosemary extract. Now don’t go to the store and buy a bottle of rosemary oil and place it directly on your scalp, this can cause severe irritation. I recommend rosemary oil because when massaged into the scalp, it has been proven to promote stronger, healthy hair. The truth is, most people with thinning hair, have weak hair, especially those of us who start to lose their hair, yet have no genetic traits for baldness in our family lines. Rosemary is a woody herb that works wonders for females and males in strengthening weak hair follicles from the shaft. If you do not have money for a hair transplant and are not a fan of Propecia or Rogain, then try Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Co.’s Super Gro System. It is full of not only my favorite Rosemary, but several other ingredients that are great for stopping hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. All of their products contain B Vitamins, so you don’t have to take them by mouth. Their products are also accompanied by faith scriptures, to keep your spirits high. Although they do not offer a money back guarantee, I have personally used their products to grow back my temple areas and to stop my residing hairline. Several of my friends use their products and have experienced great results in 3 and 6 months. You can learn more about their products at wwwdiscoverb4acom

Remember, if you are serious about your hair growth do the following:

1. Switch to All-Natural Hair Care Products

2. Buy hair care products containing Rosemary essential oil. I recommend the Super Gro System made by Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Co.

3. Change Your Diet & Keep your Faith High!

4. Drink Plenty of Water

5. Stay away from people & activities that keep you stressed

6. Lay off the alcohol and junk food

7. Lay off chemicals and heat on your hair

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By Carol Agee

When you begin to decorate your home for the holiday season, remember that the purpose and parameters of holiday dcor are the same as decorating your home any other time of year creating a comfortable space for your loved ones to gather, enjoy each other, share old memories and create new ones.

There are no limits when it comes to decorating ideas for the holidays, given the myriad of traditions that vary from one home to the next. However you and your loved ones will be celebrating the holidays, your Christmas decorated fireplace mantel can be a main display in your overall dcor. Whether you are trying to create that cozy feeling of home, or you are going for an over-the-top theme to wow your guests, your fireplace can be the focal point of any room that it occupies.

Because your Christmas decorated fireplace mantel is such a strong element, the dcor you choose for the fireplace should be echoed all around the room for consistency. And if your holiday tree and fireplace share the same room, you definitely want both to duplicate a similar theme, because you dont want them to compete with each other rather, you want them to complement one another.

Keep in mind that your theme will be influenced by the room where your fireplace is located. For example, a fireplace in the den is going to have a different decoration style and create a different kind of mood than a fireplace in the bedroom. In other words, you do not necessarily have to duplicate the same theme and/or design on every fireplace mantel.

As you begin to review possible ideas for your fireplace mantel Christmas decorations, from celebrating a different culture to showcasing your own family traditions over the years, below are a few themes to brighten any room in your home.

Holidays Around the World

Do you have a favorite country that you have visited or would like to visit? Are you from another country and want to incorporate your heritage into your mantel decorations? You can use your Christmas decorated fireplace mantel project as an opportunity to learn more about celebrating the holidays in a different country, whether your family has visited there or not. If you have visited the country that is central to your theme, you can incorporate your souvenirs into the fireplace mantels decor. If you have emigrated from another country, use this space to display any keepsakes or novelties of sentimental value, or items that are unique to your culture.

YouTube Preview Image

Travel Back in Time

Take this idea one step further by not only focusing on a different country, but also a different time in our history. For example, you can focus your dcor around the theme of Colonial America, French Provincial or the Victorian era. If you have more than one fireplace mantel in your home, you can choose to focus on different time periods for each one.

Just One Thing

If you want a very clean, scaled-down look for your Christmas decorated fireplace mantel, you can choose one type of item, such as candles or flowers, and add some Christmas mantel scarves and some garland, to create an elegantly simple display. You can personalize this idea by specifically choosing your favorite type of plant or flower, or choosing an aromatic candle with a scent that speaks to you. And dont limit yourself to traditional holiday greenery and aromas, such as poinsettias and pine. You can use any plant or flower from bamboo to orchids to roses, and any candle aroma from gardenia to sage.

Gifts Aplenty

Your fireplace mantel can serve as another place to display gifts think of is as an extension of the space under your Christmas tree. Use your mantel to display gifts you have received, or some gifts you intend to give. Putting gifts around the room, not just under the tree, creates unexpected surprises.

Artifacts of Christmas Past

Dedicate your fireplace mantel Christmas decorations to a collection of handmade crafts, sentimental gifts or special items from holidays your family has shared in the past.

Perhaps a relative sent you a special gift one year that relates to your familys cultural history if so, place it on the mantel with some relevant accessories.

Maybe one year you and your family decided to visit a major city during the holiday season, such as New York or Washington D.C., and you have an exquisite souvenir that would make a beautiful centerpiece for your Christmas decorated fireplace mantel.

You can share a traditional family recipe for sweet treats such as cookies or candies, making them the centerpiece or part of your display, accompanied by a picture frame that contains a brief written history of how the recipe has been enjoyed for generations.

A simple photo gallery, with several picture frames, can include photos of how your family has grown and changed over the years, from one holiday season to the next.

Your Favorite Christmas Scene

Your Christmas decorated fireplace mantel can be an opportunity for you to display your favorite holiday scene. Many of us are familiar with the Christmas Nativity scene celebrating Jesus birth, but there are other scenes that remind us of the holidays as well. You can expand your scope to the many scenes that are known from age-old Christmas stories, such as Santa on his sleigh or on the rooftop with a sack of toys. You can display a scene from a more specific story, such as the battle between the Prince and the Mouse King from the Nutcracker ballet, or when the Grinch meets Sally Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas or when the children follow Frosty as he sings the theme song from Frosty the Snowman.

The holidays are a magical time, and your holiday decorating activities are an opportunity to capture some of that magic in a space where your family, friends and guests feel comfortable. Get creative and have fun, combining your imagination with your own signature style, and your fireplace mantel Christmas decorations will be an important part of creating a memorable holiday experience.

About the Author: Carol Agee is the vice president of Agee Woodworks, a specialist in handcrafted wood

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