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Submitted by: Rajeev Kapoor

Lucknow, which is synonymous with rich culture, history, arts and music, is slowly becoming an important hub of commerce, technology, pharmaceuticals, finance, education and real estate. The city which is also referred to as Constantinople of the East for the remarkable domes and arches of its Nawabi-era monuments that bear resemblance to the historical monuments of present-day Istanbul is witnessing significant growth and development in all the sectors, especially real estate in the past few years. The booming real estate in Lucknow has been drawing the attention of real estate companies to launch their housing projects in upcoming areas of the city, which is attracting NRIs, investors and customers to buy residential property in Lucknow for higher return on investment and top class infrastructure, healthcare, education and employment opportunities that the City of Nawabs has to offer.

Why Property Investment in Lucknow is a Good Option?

1) Extensive Development Plans by Uttar Pradesh Government Of late, the U.P. Govt. has initiated several infrastructure and development projects in the city such as Lucknow-Agra Expressway, Lucknow Metro, International Cricket Stadium, IT City, Cancer Research Institute, bridges, flyovers, subways and multilevel parking lots. All these developments would strengthen Lucknow real estate, particularly apartments in Lucknow.

2) All-round Development of Upcoming Localities Upcoming areas of the city such as Gomti Nagar, Gomti Nagar Extension, Vrindavan Yojna, Jankipuram, along with connecting highways like Raebareli Road, Faizabad Road and Kanpur Road are witnessing rapid development over the last few years. Vibhuti Khand and Vipin Khand in Gomti Nagar have become the commercial and IT hubs of Lucknow, while Vrindavan Yojna in Gomti Nagar Extension is home to several quality residential projects being built by top real estate builders in Lucknow.

3) Innovation by Real Estate Developers In order to provide superior architecture, spacious and airy rooms and world class amenities, real estate developers in Lucknow are trying new features and methods in the construction of apartments and flats. Therefore, new residential properties in Lucknow are laced with landscape garden, swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, kids play arena, parking lot, round-the-clock water and electricity supply, hi-tech security features, and more. All these features and amenities along with unique architectural designs augment the overall ambience of the residential property. Buyers really look forward to book a flat in these housing projects to live a comfortable, enjoyable and luxurious lifestyle, and at the same time, to acquire best returns.

4) Proximity to Schools, Hospitals & Banks Upcoming housing projects in Lucknow, especially in and around Amar Shaheed Path, Vrindavan Yojna, Raebareli Road and Faizabad Road are being constructed in close proximity to educational institutes, healthcare centres, shopping malls, banks and public transport, thus increasing their market value and providing convenience to the residents.

In the years to come, real estate market in Lucknow will get to see more developments. These developments would bring high gains for the people who will invest prudently, thus purchasing flats in Lucknow would be the best option now, which are reasonably priced when compared with apartments in New Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai.

About the Author: Rajeev is sales and marketing consultant at Azea Botanica, an upcoming residential real estate project in Lucknow being developed by Azeagaia Development Pvt. Ltd. at Vrindavan Yojna, Raebareli Road. The project is promoted by Singapore-based companies through foreign direct investment. To know more about Azea Botanica, please visit



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The American Dental Association do a great deal of promotion in an attempt to get people to see their dentist twice a year for a checkup. Unfortunately some people put off checkups for a year or even more while others diligently make visits every six months. With such wide discrepancies, just how often should you visit dentists in Lincoln Park?

How often should you go between visits to the dentist?

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The ADA do know what they are talking about, a very good rule to follow is their suggestion; see your dentist twice a year. Those patients that follow a very strict oral health routine may not have any problems but that does not mean they should extend the period between visits. One of the reasons why people have good teeth is the fact that they have them professionally cleaned regularly, removing harmful plaque and tartar that can cause decay and gum problems.

Your dentist is the key to your oral health; ask him or her how frequently you should schedule appointments. Based on your oral health, no one is in a better position to suggest a schedule than your dentists in Lincoln Park. Some patients with particular problems may be asked to visit every three months while other can go a year.

Why are checkups important?

Checkups give your dentist the opportunity to look closely for any evidence of a problem and to take early steps in the event an issue is discovered. Decay starts slowly, if the problem is caught early it is far better than leaving it until it becomes painful or even reaches the point where the tooth has to be extracted. Early action is the key to good dental health.

If the dentist finds that you need a cavity filled or any other dental procedure this work will usually happen during a scheduled appointment in the near future.

It is highly recommended that you schedule a checkup every six months. If you are looking for dentists in Lincoln Park you are invited to make an appointment with Dr. Peter Tomaselli at Chicago Smile Design.

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Submitted by: Adrian Joele


As promised in my last article about Digestive Health, I will explain what we mean by The Garden Within.According to an estimation , there are between 300 and 1000 different species living inside our GI tract. The majority of micro organisms are bacteria which are present in our gut, and most of them come from 30 to 40 different species.

We also find fungi and protozoa, but its function is less well understood. We think that these micro-organisms are symbiotic with their host, rather then just existing together with no affect on each other. Symbiotic means that there are benefits for the host as well as for the bacteria. However, our gut also contains some harmful bacteria. Because if they increase or become out of balance, they can cause serious problems and even death to the host. That’s why the key is balance when it concerns The Garden Within.

The gut of a new-born child is sterile or contains no flora. However, within one month after the child that was born vaginally, their gut micro flora is well established. At the age of two, the micro flora of the gut looks similar of that of an adult. This balance appears to stay relatively normal and healthy, as long as our diet is healthy and no antibiotics are used. However, with the use of modern medicine of to-day it is rare to find someone who hasn’t taken some form of antibiotics in the last few months to a year or who is not eating a healthy diet.

When you add the All-American high-glycemic, and high sugar diet to the mix, you begin feeding your fungi-like yeast much more than you do your bacteria. Both the use of antibiotics and our poor diet has been shown to change our Garden Within, so that it is out of balance. This may have the effect that the yeast will overwhelm the GI flora, causing a rise in vaginal yeast infections, and even in some cases, systemic yeast.

Antibiotics will destroy the bad bacteria that are the cause of illness, but unfortunately, they also destroy the good bacteria in your bowel. For example, clostridium is a species that is common in the GI tract and normally causes no problems. However, as antibiotics can kill off the good bacteria, they allow clostridium difficile (or G.difficile) to grow out of control, causing a heavy diarrhea for the person. Even the antibiotics we find in our meat, milk and other foods can destroy enough good bacteria to create an antibiotic induced diarrhea, as more of the good bacteria are destroyed, which allows the pathogenic bacteria to flourish.

We know of several healthy benefits from having a balanced micro flora in your GI tract. Medical research have shown that the good bacteria in the gut have the following benefits:

Help in the digestion of carbohydrates Stimulates the immune system Helps to absorb vitamin k, calcium and iron Stimulates the lymphoid tissue of the gut, which also helps the immune system Normally suppresses the grows of the bad or pathogenic bacteria and fungi Decreases the risk of allergic reactions Has been associated with weight gain if it becomes out of balance

There are many other benefits of having a healthy, well-balanced GI flora; however, there are also some negatives that occur from our GI flora. They are able to break down certain protein fragments that can potentially be toxic to the GI tract and to the host.

These toxins have been associated with a greater risk of colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut syndrome, auto immune disease , and irritable bowel disease. This is why consuming adequate fiber in your diet is key in removing any of the toxins produced in the GI tract during digestion. Fiber causes our bowels to eliminate those toxins much more quickly and much more effectively.

About the Author: Adrian Joele became interested in nutrition and weight management while he was an associate with a nutritional supplement company. Since 2008 he wrote several articles about nutrition and weight loss and achieved expert status with Ezine

. He has been involved in nutrition and weight management for more than 12 years and he likes to share his knowledge with anyone who could benefit from it. Get his free report on nutrition and tips for healthy living, by visiting:


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Submitted by: Iris K. Allen

Maybe you dont fly a lot. Perhaps you head out to the airport once a year, twice a year, or a bit more frequently than that. If youre not flying every other week, you might not consider yourself a regular traveler. As a result, you may have never looked into the value of a PIT Airport Limousine service.

Why a Car Service in Pittsburgh is a Great Way to Travel:

You may have never thought that a Car Service in Pittsburgh could be a great idea for heading to and from the airport. After all, you live in the area. Maybe you dont live in the city itself, but in the suburban areas outside. You travel into the area for business every single day and occasionally fly away on vacation or for business trip.

As a result, you probably have a tendency to drive yourself just about everywhere. Thats one of the main reasons other people have never considered a Pittsburgh Car Service.

Why Now is the Time to Consider it:

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First, when you drive yourself you are going to be stuck behind the wheel. You wont be able to relax, check your itinerary, check your flight status, make phone calls for work, or do any type of work on your computer, tablet, or other device.

If you get stuck in traffic, guess what? The time is going to seem like it flies by. Suddenly that extra hour you gave to getting to the airport on time is dwindling quickly. You start to worry youre not going to get there on time at all.

Why want this traffic move? You might begin yelling to no one in particular.

Dont put yourself in that situation. Hire a reliable Car Service to Pittsburgh flights and other travel become much more relaxed and comfortable.

Consider How You Feel once You Arrive at the Airport:

You might be a nervous flyer or somebody who absolutely loves to get around the country or around the world by plane. Whatever the case may be, if you got stuck in traffic, couldnt find parking in the long-term parking area, or had other stressful situations arise on your way to the airport, your entire flight can be impacted.

Your frame of mind, your state of mind, can have a significant impact into your enjoyment of the trip itself.Dont take any chances. Make sure you call a reliable and safe Airport Car Service Pittsburgh. When you calculate in the cost of fuel, tolls, parking, and all of those other incidentals, youll realize its actually an affordable alternative.

Maybe you dont fly a lot. Perhaps you head out to the airport once a year, twice a year, or a bit more frequently than that. If youre not flying every other week, you might not consider yourself a regular traveler. As a result, you may have never looked into the value of a PIT Airport Limousine service.

Why a Car Service in Pittsburgh is a Great Way to Travel:

You may have never thought that a Car Service in Pittsburgh could be a great idea for heading to and from the airport. After all, you live in the area. Maybe you dont live in the city itself, but in the suburban areas outside. You travel into the area for business every single day and occasionally fly away on vacation or for business trip.

As a result, you probably have a tendency to drive yourself just about everywhere. Thats one of the main reasons other people have never considered a Pittsburgh Car Service.

About the Author: Looking for a Car in Pittsburgh for your Airport Travel than you are on right spot we Provides the Best Services in Town Regarding


Call (412-567-8984) and Reserve your Car.


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Choose wisely and ride with the best shuttle bus Melbourne service by Melbourne airport shuttle tran by ramk3029Considering the fact that there is a plethora regarding taxi services waiting desperately for you outside the airport, you need to pick the wisest of. Learn, the way to go about it?While you are being subtracted from the airport, what is your primary worry? To rush to your house or to find a motel. You somehow want to throw the luggage and sleep. So, basically, you are in no frame of mind to choose which airport shuttle Melbourne to choose. You just get on board with whatever taxi is parked closest to an individual. If you find the best airport transactions Melbourne will provide an individual complete privacy and professionalism for the drivers and also vehicles.Firstly, randomly choosing a cab is just not the safe way to travel, to be honest. Also, it isn’t a good idea to analysis the background or highlights of taxi services in a few mins or if out previously in a really stressed out situation. In such a situation what you can do is ask people around you about their experiences. You might have seen many of the people just mass entering a bus or shuttle. These are the Melbourne airport shuttle door to door which enable you to travel properly in whatever location you need to come in.Choosing the Best from So Many melbourne airport transfers Providers?Combination Package: Taxis or perhaps cabs are not only about generating you home but a lot of everything starting from velocity, comfort, cheap and elegance. Find for that all-in-one package deal. The combination of all makes the journey relaxing as you can taste some everything.Formal Approach: It is the key because the service is well known for their obligations. The chauffeur must keep a formal appearance and should be standing right outside the airport station. It is the duty of the chauffeur to help with your luggage and ensure you will get seated safely.The automobile: You need to check the vehicle the service or perhaps the company could be used to grab or drop an individual. Airport transactions Melbourne will treat an individual with the best car which will give you utter comfort and coziness.Availability: You also need to evaluate whether the services is okay, whether or not the driver will fall you to various other locality if questioned. The availability can be crucial at times.Enjoyment: Not that most the time costs 10-15 mins ride, you will have times that you will have traveling for 1-2 hours. You should check out whether the vehicle is equipped with Wi-fi, TV, Broadcast and most importantly telephone charger.So, further when you are intending to fly at a particular place, also remember to be able to book an air travel. Just in case you forget to book a cab, you should know which service to pick for generating you back. Spend the journey on a drive where you can relax and also chill at the same time. Choose wisely and ride with the best shuttle bus melbourne service at that can make the journey unforgettable for the right reasons. Travel in style with the Airport transfers Melbourne. Article Source:

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Submitted by: Nano Slic

Metal Protective Coatings are excellent for protecting large or small industrial metal parts which are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and other environmental elements. Also known as corrosion resistant coatings, these protective coatings protect metal components against corrosion and erosion due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation or continuous exposure to industrial chemicals and environmental pollutants. Anti-corrosion coating allows for enhanced protection of metal surfaces by forming a barrier to prevent the contact between chemical compounds and corrosive materials. Nanocoatings provide a bonus of abrasion resistance, non-sticky performance, and protection against chemicals.

In the current times, several small, medium and large-scale industries are using a wide variety of metals, materials or equipments that are vulnerable to corrosion. In order to prevent metal from corroding, many industries have realized the importance of protective nanocoatings that tend to ensure that these metals and materials remain durable for a long time to come and their functionality does not get affected inspite of functioning in diverse set of environmental conditions. The protective coatings are essentially required to shield various metals from abrasions and spoilage thereby resulting in longevity of numerous products and equipments.

There are a large number of nanocoating manufacturers that provide an array of coating services for varied industries in order to meet their needs and requirements pertaining to ensuring additional protection to their small and large industrial surfaces. The main objective of these Metal Protective Coatings is to provide stiff resistance against rusting to enhance the structural integrity of various products and equipments. Metal protective coatings are especially useful for those industries that employ their machineries and equipments for outdoor purposes. Heavy construction machineries like cranes are effectively protected against possible instances of rust, oxidation, and corrosion thereby ensuring proper maintenance. Corrosion is one major factor which is of primary concern to every manufacturer irrespective of their scale of working. Each and every industry invests a significant amount of its budget on procuring assets such as small and big machines for production and manufacturing purposes. The performance of these machines are critical to the fortunes of companies because their efficiency and performance is directly related to the quality of the goods produced by them.

Machineries and various other equipments are continuously exposed to harsh weather conditions and other environmental pollutants which can hamper their efficiency by causing them to corrode and rust through making a direct contact with the surface. High performance and top quality industrial coatings are therefore critical in reducing the adverse effects of corrosion and preventing them from getting damaged. A protective nanocoating is greatly responsibly for enhancing the finish of the metal or material and improving its overall quality. One of the striking features of these Metal Protective Coatings is that these are water repellent and oil-repellent which enhances the sturdiness of various metals as the surfaces which are coated with protective coatings repeal water and oil away as if it were afraid of them.

Nanocoatings have a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface which means that water, chemicals, and oils are not allowed to penetrate inside the surface because these are not allowed to come in direct contact with it.

About the Author: NanoSlic is a hydrophobic and oleophobic protective coating that repels water, water- based fluids, oils, and other chemicals, making it an ideal permanent, waterproof coating to protect many industrial and consumer surfaces including metals, ceramic, glass and more. For more information Visit


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