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Vehicle tracking system uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology to track and provide complete location and speed information to user over mobile phone. GSM modem is used to send this information via SMS which will be sent to the owner of the vehicle.

Now a days GPS based Vehicle tracking system is required in many situations, like in case of car theft detection, if somebody wants to track school bus of their children, at that time it will be helpful to find out the location of kids and many more. If some company wants to track the location of the cab or company bus of employee then in this case also vehicle tracking system will be very much useful. In GPS tracking system the location of vehicle is sent to remote place and it is done by GSM modem.

If your vehicle goes to the road, and if in case anything happens to the vehicle; it may meet some unwanted accident or may be theft. So, it is very necessary to track your vehicle. Keeping track on the status and exact location of vehicle carrying valuable goods to anywhere at anytime is very essential for both personal as well as business purpose. One can track the vehicle by calling to the driver over mobile phone but this may the not be accurate all the time because he can provide you false information. So, at any time you wont be 100% sure about the location and status of the vehicle. So here comes the various vehicle-tracking technologies based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) or radio frequency medium can track your vehicle location in real-time and provide better control over your assets.

How To Track The Location Of The Vehicle On Actual Map:

It would be time consuming to track the exact location on Printed maps. But now a days various websites are available on internet which shows online map. Google maps is one of the main and the best useful website. Any one of these websites can be used to track or find the location of vehicle. Location can be tracked using Longitude and Latitude positions received in SMS. Using these maps one can get the exact location as well as directions to go to those places from your current/desired location.

Types of Vehicle Tracking

There are two types of vehicle tracking system, in which each of them is useful in specific situations.

Passive: This is the simplest vehicle tracking systems which are passive in nature it means that no direct response is given at that particular time. In this type of trackers typically the position of a vehicle over time is recorded using a GPS device. When the tracker is removed, the data can be transferred to a computer and can be analyzed. These tracking systems are useful for fleet management, but they also have other applications.

Active: The active tracking system includes the ability to transmit the location of a vehicle in real time. It is a complex tracking system for fleet management and dispatch purposes; this data is typically monitored from a central or a particular location. This type of system can also be used for stolen vehicle recovery.


Vehicle tracking system is increasing day by day in large cities and it is more secured and safer than any other systems. Now a days vehicle thefting is also very rapidly increasing, with this we can have a good control in it. The vehicle tracking system can be turned off with a simple SMS. Since, now-a-days the cost of the vehicles are increasing one cant afford to purchase it again in case ofany loss. This setup can be made more interactive by adding a display to show some basic information about the vehicle and by also adding some emergency numbers which can be used in case of problem. Upgrading this system setup is very easy in which one can make any future requirements without the need of rebuilding everything from scratch, which also makes it more efficient and easy to use. We can monitor some basic parameters of vehicle like overheat or LPG gas leakage. We can dial an emergency call if the vehicle goes out of a certain or pre-decided track

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