The Importance Of Dental Checkups

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The American Dental Association do a great deal of promotion in an attempt to get people to see their dentist twice a year for a checkup. Unfortunately some people put off checkups for a year or even more while others diligently make visits every six months. With such wide discrepancies, just how often should you visit dentists in Lincoln Park?

How often should you go between visits to the dentist?


The ADA do know what they are talking about, a very good rule to follow is their suggestion; see your dentist twice a year. Those patients that follow a very strict oral health routine may not have any problems but that does not mean they should extend the period between visits. One of the reasons why people have good teeth is the fact that they have them professionally cleaned regularly, removing harmful plaque and tartar that can cause decay and gum problems.

Your dentist is the key to your oral health; ask him or her how frequently you should schedule appointments. Based on your oral health, no one is in a better position to suggest a schedule than your dentists in Lincoln Park. Some patients with particular problems may be asked to visit every three months while other can go a year.

Why are checkups important?

Checkups give your dentist the opportunity to look closely for any evidence of a problem and to take early steps in the event an issue is discovered. Decay starts slowly, if the problem is caught early it is far better than leaving it until it becomes painful or even reaches the point where the tooth has to be extracted. Early action is the key to good dental health.

If the dentist finds that you need a cavity filled or any other dental procedure this work will usually happen during a scheduled appointment in the near future.

It is highly recommended that you schedule a checkup every six months. If you are looking for dentists in Lincoln Park you are invited to make an appointment with Dr. Peter Tomaselli at Chicago Smile Design.