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By Mike Gates

Without having a domain name or creating a website it is not possible for internet marketer to make their business visible. When you enter the internet marketing your first job is to create a website. Firstly, you need to get a domain name through which your business or products will be known to the users. So, once you got the suitable domain name for your business, you should create your website to promote your product or services. Search engines will list these sites in their results page, when the users search for a particular product or services. Thus, a website gets vicinity in the search engines.

So, without a website it is not possible to run an internet business. Every website needs the help of a web hosting company to run the site and Network Solutions is one of the webhosting companies that offer excellent customer support. Network solutions is offering its hosting service for the past 30 years and they are most experienced people to offer hosting service in your budget.

So, if you are in search of a web hosting company to create your domain name and website, I highly recommend Network Solutions who is offering great features for every account. By subscribing with Network Solutions your website will get all the basic features like disk space, data transfer and mail storage.

Network Solutions offers three types of web hosting packages namely, Standard Package, Advanced Web Hosting Package and the Pro Web Hosting Packages. Details and features of these web hosting packages are given below:


1] Standard Web Hosting Packages

This package offers 10GB Space, 1000 e-mail boxes and 3,000 GB monthly data transfer space. You will get all these features for just $10, if you subscribe with Network Solutions for minimum of 1 year or more.

2] Advanced Web Hosting Package

The subscribers who choose this package will get 300 Giga Bites of disc space, 2500 email boxes and 50 FTP account. Also you will get 3000 GB data transfer with this package. You will need to pay $15 per month by choosing annual subscription.

3] Pro Web Hosting

This hosting plan is the best of all the above three plans. Even though it is slightly expensive, you will get great features with this package. You will get unlimited data transfer, unlimited disc space, unlimited FTP accounts etc. The server is fast with this package giving more traffic to your site. The monthly fee charged for this plan is less than $30 for the annual subscribers.

All the above three plans comes with free website tools with which you can create, design and manage your website independently. Network Solutions also offers WordPress software to manage your blogs. With their easy to use tools you can easily list your site in search engines and design your site with unique templates. All the three packages of Network Solutions come with SQL database for UNIX and MS access for windows. The packages are uniquely designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large business people. So, if you are looking for long term internet business, then you can choose Network Solutions as your service provider.

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