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Automatic Process for Automatic Profits


Jack Bosch

In todays electronic age, data and information travels from one point to another point in just a split of a second. If we need certain data we can access it from anywhere through the internet. It could be information from the library or even directly from a certain individual. But data, whether it is bulk, raw or nominal must be checked and filtered properly to make it reliable. You would want to restrain from data overload and learn which information is valuable and which is rubbish.


In the Tax Delinquent investment business, we rely heavily on accurate data, especially on tax delinquent property records. This data usually can be accessed from the local county office that handles real property taxes. This type of data is open for the public to access, which means anyone can go to these offices and ask for a list of tax delinquent lands on their territory. It would be easy if the data you retrieve is in the minimal range but if the data is in bulk and raw then you have a pretty big job ahead. Checking this data one by one requires a lot of time to process and by the time you have trimmed the list and ready to make a decision to invest, chances are the said land or property is either foreclosed or already has been sold. So filtering this data quickly is key for a tax delinquent investor to make the decision to invest without losing the opportunity to do so.

Alas, there is a way to do this in a timely manner. How to do this? All you would have to do is develop a customized system designed to handle this kind of data. A Customized System can be developed with the use of a computer where all the criteria you want to zero in on a certain property you want to invest in is coded in this program. Making this system is not easy, you need to have a pretty good knowledge on the real estate business and has a certain connectivity with your prospective customers. Once the system is in place all you need to do is input all the raw data that you have retrieved and let the program filter it. It allows you to set parameters where it takes in all the raw data, processes it (with the help of this special code) and produces a file with all of the specified information you require (which you set up yourself). Output will be available within seconds. With an automatic process in place, you will be able to make decisions right away. Making selecting, purchasing, reselling and profit seemingly fast and almost automatic.

Jack Bosch began investing in property in 99. Along the way he discovered a secret way to buy land for pennies on the dollar and sell it for thousands. Jack continues to invest in property but now offers his secret system to You! To learn more go to &

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Automatic Process for Automatic Profits}