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By Will Conlin

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom there are only a few options available to the average home owner. In the past there was only a two options for a homeowner with a small bathroom. Replace the existing shower/bathtub combination with a shower enclosure or another bathtub shower combination. This doesnt leave much room for the imagination; however in recent years a new product has emerged onto the bathroom remodeling scene giving home owners an easy, cost effective way to remodel their bathroom. This product is the Modular steam shower. A modular steam shower is a shower enclosure with a built in steam generator and a wide amenity of features like an FM radio, sound system, body jets and much more. A modular steam shower is the easiest option to a bathroom remodeler and can often be more cost effective than tiling a shower enclosure.

Modular steam showers are designed with remodeling and new construction in mind. Their water lines are flexible similar to a washing machine. The majority of the modular steam showers are elevated on a stainless steel frame giving enough clearance underneath the steam shower to utilize an existing drain. Because steam showers can utilize an existing drain there is virtually no need to move the drain as long as the existing drain sits underneath the base pan of the steam shower.

Steam showers are generally connected to a 220v power supply. There are some companies that manufacture 110v units however; steam generators are most effective when they are connected to a 220v power supply. 110V steam generators will need to be connected to multiple 110v lines by utilizing a 220v it lowers the amperage and overall power consumption. It also gives the advantage of faster steam generation taking only a minute or so to product steam compared to 2-3 minutes.

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Steam showers with whirlpool bathtubs are also available. For smaller master bathrooms these are the units to use because you will not lose the value of only having a bath in as your master bath. This is a costly mistake that is made by many home owners.

There are many brands of steam showers on the market. When it comes time to pick a specific brand there are a few things to look for the first is the warranty. If its a reputable company they will offer at least a 5 year warranty on electrical and plumbing components. We recommend Oasis Steam Showers because they have a 15 year warranty on the steam generator. The important factor is ETL and CSA certification, Units that are not CSA or ETL certified cannot be legally installed in Canada and cannot be installed in most jurisdictions in the United States.

Whether you are looking to remodel your bathroom or planning on building a new home, modular steam showers are a great way to improve your properties value as well as add some luxury to what would otherwise be a boring space. Modular steam showers give home owners the opportunity to have a home health spa in the comfort of your own home.

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