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Submitted by: Geo Clark

It is a little different these days. When I was a kid, we had milestones. Sixteen was a big birthday because having a drivers license was a key to life. Eighteen was not that big of a deal as I was already in college and allowed to drink if I wanted to because I was on a military base. Twenty-one was definitely a big deal. I finally get to go and gamble.

Understand, when I was twenty-one, I looked like I was seventeen. But, my ID showed me as twenty-one. We planned our first trip to Atlantic City over a weekend. The Jersey Shores were only about two and half hours away. We arrived late Friday evening. We had one room at a casino for three people. This was back when the machines took coins and currency so you had to constantly wash your hands. I was pretty excited to try my hand at gambling. I had a plan for black jack so I tried it first.

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My plan was to wager one dollar. If I lost, my next wager would be two dollars. If I won at two, I would get my original dollar back. I might have broke a little bit better than even that first night. I had a great time. Oh, I only got carded twice. After that, I realized that I was so focused on gambling that I forgot to eat. I hit my first buffet. I definitely ate until I could not eat anymore.

The next day started at about 2 AM. I woke up ready to go downstairs and hit it again realizing that I can go back to sleep any time that I wanted. I actually felt fresh and ready to go at 2. The other two people stayed in bed. There were still a lot of people gambling at 2 AM but at least it was a little less smoky than earlier. This time I tried the slot machines. The slot machines require no thought. I just pulled the handle on the penny slot. While playing slots, yes I was carded again, I lost the rest of my money except for the stash to pay for fuel to get back to school.

All in all, I had a great time. I did not bring that much money so losing was not so bad. As I have aged since that first trip, gambling rules have changed. I definitely do enjoy hitting the casinos. A big piece of that is hitting the buffets whether it be Vegas or Reno. I like to be able to choose what I am going to eat for each plate. I just like to eat until I am full.

I have become a slot machine person over the years. I have gotten used to machines that I have success with and keep playing them. I still have a budget. Of course, the mental plan is to win early and pocket the winnings. Normally, my wife wins early. That still counts. Believe it or not, I was carded until I was 37. I am still pretty young but I do not get carded anymore.

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By Will Conlin

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom there are only a few options available to the average home owner. In the past there was only a two options for a homeowner with a small bathroom. Replace the existing shower/bathtub combination with a shower enclosure or another bathtub shower combination. This doesnt leave much room for the imagination; however in recent years a new product has emerged onto the bathroom remodeling scene giving home owners an easy, cost effective way to remodel their bathroom. This product is the Modular steam shower. A modular steam shower is a shower enclosure with a built in steam generator and a wide amenity of features like an FM radio, sound system, body jets and much more. A modular steam shower is the easiest option to a bathroom remodeler and can often be more cost effective than tiling a shower enclosure.

Modular steam showers are designed with remodeling and new construction in mind. Their water lines are flexible similar to a washing machine. The majority of the modular steam showers are elevated on a stainless steel frame giving enough clearance underneath the steam shower to utilize an existing drain. Because steam showers can utilize an existing drain there is virtually no need to move the drain as long as the existing drain sits underneath the base pan of the steam shower.

Steam showers are generally connected to a 220v power supply. There are some companies that manufacture 110v units however; steam generators are most effective when they are connected to a 220v power supply. 110V steam generators will need to be connected to multiple 110v lines by utilizing a 220v it lowers the amperage and overall power consumption. It also gives the advantage of faster steam generation taking only a minute or so to product steam compared to 2-3 minutes.

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Steam showers with whirlpool bathtubs are also available. For smaller master bathrooms these are the units to use because you will not lose the value of only having a bath in as your master bath. This is a costly mistake that is made by many home owners.

There are many brands of steam showers on the market. When it comes time to pick a specific brand there are a few things to look for the first is the warranty. If its a reputable company they will offer at least a 5 year warranty on electrical and plumbing components. We recommend Oasis Steam Showers because they have a 15 year warranty on the steam generator. The important factor is ETL and CSA certification, Units that are not CSA or ETL certified cannot be legally installed in Canada and cannot be installed in most jurisdictions in the United States.

Whether you are looking to remodel your bathroom or planning on building a new home, modular steam showers are a great way to improve your properties value as well as add some luxury to what would otherwise be a boring space. Modular steam showers give home owners the opportunity to have a home health spa in the comfort of your own home.

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What Kind of Shower Enclosure Can Be Chosen for Your Bathroom?


Allan Michael Taylor

Building your home or even renovating it often involves making decisions regarding what you will add or include in the many areas of your home. This includes the kind of fixtures and additions you will put in your bathrooms. One of the decisions you will have to come up with when it comes to your bathroom is what kind of shower enclosure you will use or buy for it. There is a huge range of different choices you can decide upon and these include ready-made shower enclosures that you can easily add to your bathroom setup.

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To help you choose the right kind of shower enclosure for your home, here are some examples that you can consider and their descriptions: – Bath Shower Screen – this kind of an enclosure for your bathing area is actually a safety glass panel that helps keep water from splashing out of the bathing area and is often used with shower baths. You will find this kind of an enclosure made in designs like L-shaped ones for L-shaped baths, slider designs for those who want to be able to adjust the coverage of the panel, 4 fold accordion style and the basic oval, straight and radius one panel designs. – Bi-fold Shower Enclosures – this kind of an enclosure is reminiscent of how phone booth doors can be opened and closed with the door folding in at the middle when you open it. This kind of an enclosure is one that needs to be situated in a corner. – Bow Front Enclosure – this kind of an enclosure has a bow-shaped front area and can be entered with the use of sliding doors. – Corner Entry Enclosure – this type of a shower enclosure either has pivot doors that open at the corner or has sliding doors that also open at the front corner. This kind of an enclosure is ideal for those bathrooms with limited space. The doors close and stay closed with the help of magnets. – D-Shaped Enclosure – just as the name denotes, this kind of a shower enclosure is shaped like the capital letter D and can be situated on any wall of your bathroom or in a corner of your bathroom if you want it there. The doors of such an enclosure can either be sliding doors or pivot doors, depending on the kind of door you want to have for such an enclosure. – Frameless Enclosure – this kind of an enclosure is called frameless because of the fact that some part of it, like the door, is built without a frame. The doors of this kind of a shower enclosure is often held up with the help of a pivot hinge that allows it to swing in or out. – Quadrant Enclosure – this is an enclosure that you use in a corner. This is shaped like a pie-slice since it has a curved entry area and a triangular shaped back area that you situate in a corner. The double doors of this enclosure design are sliding doors that help save space.

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By Karissa Claire Dupree

Are you planning to upgrade or to renovate your bathroom? If yes, read this article to know the latest bathroom designs in the market.

Our bathroom is one important area of our house which needs all the care and attention to make it presentable and beautiful. It is where we spend lots of time cleaning, pampering and relaxing before we go to work, to school and to bed. It is considered our private sanctuary where we rejuvenate and where we relax after a stressful and tedious day.

Since it is the most visited area of the house, it is just proper to make it presentable, sanitary, modern and multi-functional not only for family members, but also for visiting friends and relatives. At present, bathrooms become more high tech, stylish and multifunctional. To meet the growing needs and demands of consumers, bath and shower manufacturers invented state-of-the art fixtures aimed at bringing convenience, comfort and style to homeowners.

During the design process, many interior designers failed to furnish our bath and shower area with the right fixtures, but with little effort we can improve it to make it more pleasing and to achieve a unique style that we can be proud of.

There are no specific rules on how we can beautify our bathroom, but with our creative skills, resourcefulness and right bath and shower fixtures, we can decorate the area efficiently. We can emulate and can get inspirations from the top 10 modern ecological friendly bathrooms.

In 2011, ecological friendly designs and materials are the latest rage in home interior decoration highlighting the use of natural materials, organic materials, energy saving fixtures and colorful designs. These are inspired by nature and professional interior designers used trendy interior design colors like natural wood, bright sky and grass tones to create cheerful contemporary bathroom designs. These modern bathroom designs have large windows, wood structures, stone and other decorating elements to create relaxing environment. Aside from arranging green house plants, they used leaves and flowers to create a spa like ambiance.

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The famous modern bathroom trends for 2011 include:

Antique bathroom with different furniture pieces and accessories This design utilizes high grade quality plastic, exotic wood and natural stone.

Contemporary bathroom showers This bathroom uses water saving and energy efficient whirlpool and shower fixtures.

Modern eco bathtubs design Interior designers use energy efficient bathtubs with light emitting diodes (LED) lights.

Modern stone and wood bathtub designs This design uses man made stone materials.

Eco design trends It uses ecological friendly washer models with water efficient bathroom faucets and energy efficient modern lights.

Smart sensor bathroom faucets It uses state-of-the art sensors to regulate water temperature and pressure.

Eco bathroom LED lighting

Multifunctional contemporary bathroom decoration Interior designers use fashionable and comfortable furniture pieces to minimize bathroom space.

Modern luxury designs This bathroom designs use stainless and wooden steel heaters which can change temperature settings accordingly.

Colorful modern design bathroom trends This designs use colorful, high quality and ecological friendly shower heads.

About the Author: Karissa Claire Dupree is a design specialist and enjoys writing about any type of home dcor such as

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