Skateboard Grip Tape Give Your Deck A Unique Faade!

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By Marie Mardeko

To give it a unique look, youngsters use logos, graphics, decals or trendy skateboard grip tape to give their individual decks, an only one of its kind look. A skateboard grip tape is a very useful element accessory of a skateboard which is both functional and decorative by purpose.

A skateboard grip tape is similar to sandpaper with an adhesive backing to it. It is attached to the deck just like a sticker to give the rider a better grip of the board. Many riders usually beginners, apply different color grip tapes to help them distinguish the tail from the nose of the deck. A rider can use a plain single colored sheet of grip tape or can go for grip tapes with stencil designs on them. There are many brand companies manufacturing good quality grip tapes in different sizes, colors and graphic stencils and company logos to match your style. For example if you are a great lover of skateboarding and want to show it through your skateboard, you could use a FKD Grip Single Sheet Love design to show your emotions about the sport. Many creative people love to experiment with a skateboard grip tape to get a designer look on their boards. Some love to cut desired shapes out of their grip tapes. This looks really cool when you cut out a particular shape to show the actual graphic printed on your skateboard. Other experiments may include giving a fancy wave or uneven cut to both the edges of the tape for a more fancy impression. However there are many brands in the market who supply pre-stenciled grip tapes which are ready to use. Every rider has a diverse choice for application of grip tapes. Some riders love to keep a simple profile and opt for a Jessup Grip Single Sheet Orange for that plain and subtle yet bright image. Plain single sheets of grip tapes always look cool; however you could ad a dash of another color by spraying some paint on it to identify the nose tip from its tail and to jazz up your board as well.


Not everyone can apply a skateboard grip tape, as gracefully as a professional. Never rush into applying the grip tape as you might end up spoiling your tape altogether. If you do not be patient when applying your grip tape you could have small air pockets or bubbles trapped between the deck and the grip tape. Such bubbles result in the grip tape wearing off sooner than expected. However, if one goes by proper methods they can avoid such problems. If you are looking for solutions for removing these bubbles, then the best way is to pop out the bubbles with a sharp instrument or tool or secondly by applying pressure and pushing the bubble off the deck. Amazing designs like Motto Dragon Single Stencil or a flame stencil would be perfect to showcase the riders personality!

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