Five Reasons Why To Purchase A Pvc Whelping Pen

Five Reasons why to Purchase a PVC Whelping Pen



The Rover Company Whelping Pen is a place where a bitch goes to relax. The size of the PVC Whelping Pen depends on the size of the female dog. When preparing a Whelping Pen keep in mind the size of the upcoming litter so you order the right size PVC Enclosure. The Rover product allows you to easily attach the PVC Whelping Pen to the PVC Whelping Box with just clips.

PVC Raised Dog Bed is the only item needed in the whelping pen for the first couple weeks for the bitch to rest on. The Dog Bed should be easily washable such as one with a texaline fabric. According to, the best Dog Bed to use is one with a PVC frame for easy cleanup and it won t rust.


Placing a Puppy Keeper or bumper pad between the Whelping Pen and Whelping Box will keep the pups safe and give the bitch some time to herself. The Puppy Keeper should have a Velcro sewn into for a quick connection, and allow for easy set up and take down of the bumper pad. The Designer Puppy Keeper should be made of a material that can be easily washed.

It is important to provide a surface in the bottom of the Whelping Pen that is made out of PVC for quick and easy cleanup. Once the litter becomes large enough the Puppy Keeper should be removed. Know that the litter is mobile it s time to remove the PVC Dog Bed and the bitches condo now becomes the potty area.

Four-week-old puppies are learning to use the Whelping Pen as a potty area and the other side which was the Whelping Box to play in so this will make cleaning easier. Place shredded newspaper, butcher paper or washable pee pads at one end of the whelping pen for potty training. The Rover Company product does have a door between the two areas allowing you to close off one area while you clean the other.

Place a few hard balls and chew toys on the play side, removing any chew toy that might present a choking hazard. Also add a secure, heavy water container for puppies one that mounts between the vertical bars on the Puppy Play Pen. Please visit our website at for more information.

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