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Considering having an in-ground pool installed is not something to do on a whim, for once it is in, it’s there to stay. Today’s pool design and shapes are nothing like those of days gone by. There is virtually no limit to the designs, shapes and amenities that make a custom swimming hole truly unique. The home-owner would be wise to consult with Pool Builders in Tampa, Fl.

Some things to consider when deciding on an in-ground pool:

• Standard Shapes -; The traditional shape pools and pool sizes are often referred to as affordable. The nine standard shapes are Grecian (rectangle with squared corners), round, kidney, Roman end (rectangle with half-circle ends), square, true “L” or a lazy “L,” oval and rectangle. These can all be enhanced by adding a waterfall, interior lighting, landscaping or perhaps a tile lining rather than vinyl.

• Custom Shapes -; A custom shaped pool can be any form the designer or home-owner envisions. Typically free-formed, meaning lots of curves, these pools combined with waterfalls, ledges, rock outcrops, a grotto, or spa, for example, are truly one of a kind. They can be built indoor or outdoor, or a combination of both. Some home-owners opt for rock pools. The main decision with rock pools is choosing to use real or fake rocks. Rock pools combined with the right landscaping make the pool seems more like an oasis and not a pool.

• Eco Pools -; These are sometimes referred to as natural swimming pools. Achieving a more eco-friendly pool is accomplished by using variable speed pumps, using a solar heater, in-floor filtration systems, Chemical-free UV sanitation systems, the use of a pool cover to minimize evaporation, and the use of salt water that uses less chlorine.

When contacting Pool Builders in Tampa be sure to Get a FREE Custom Quote. Experienced swimming pool installers are experts at helping home-owners make the best choice of swimming pool. From budget friendly to mini backyard water parks. There are many advantages to having a swimming pool at home. The home-owner decides what size, shape, concrete or fiberglass, diving board and slide or no, waterfall, built-in spa, and many more options. Perhaps most important is knowing where your children. They are at home enjoying their custom water playground. Now all that’s needed are some chaise lounges, sunscreen and a float or two.

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Science Of Botox Training

February 19, 2018

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Science Of Botox Training by Timmy VicWhen individuals sign up for Botox training with Elite Aesthetic, Medical and Business Training, they are getting the best Botox training anywhere in North America. For their thorough Botox training, Elite ensures that all training candidates leave with a comprehensive knowledge of the science behind this revolutionary wrinkle treatment. Their Botox training includes all details of what Botox can do, including side effects, safety precautions, and who should not be treated with Botox.When dealing with dermal fillers, it is paramount to understand who they are for, and who should not partake in their use. Elite’s Botox training provides all the pertinent details for both practitioner and patient. For instance, few people realize that Botox is actually botulinum toxin, which can cause botulism, a serious medical condition. Proper Botox training allows the practitioner to explain this to their patients, as well as the benefits. When Botox is administered locally for cosmetic purposes, it relaxes facial muscles in order to smooth out moderate to severe wrinkles. This is the goal for most patients, but they must be aware of potential side effects and dangers. Botox training covers these areas extensively, giving trainees the in-depth knowledge of what Botox is, and what harm could potentially occur if it is misused, or administered to an individual who is at risk of developing side effects.Another important part of Botox training is to see it in action, live and in person. To understand the science is to witness it firsthand, and Elite Aesthetic Botox training includes this as part of their renowned Botox training. The most important aspect in understanding how Botox works is to see it administered to live models. Elite’s Botox training includes a four hour segment where each trainee is given the opportunity to inject models with Botox, ensuring that protocol and procedure are in accordance with how the drug must be administered. Even though Botox is used for cosmetic purposes in this arena, Elite Botox training makes the distinction between Botox uses for medical ailments and cosmetic purposes. Their Botox training is specific in this, giving trainees the opportunity for hands-on Botox training, along with the necessary knowledge to ensure the well being of their patients.It is important to remind patients that Botox was originally developed to treat serious muscle ailments. While it does provide amazing cosmetic benefits for most people who use it, they need to be informed that there may be certain risks involved. Only an aesthetician with the proper Botox training will be able to convey this to their patients. Elite ensures that once their training seminar is completed, all trainees will be well versed in the science of Botox, and will be fully qualified to share that knowledge with their patients. For anyone considering Botox as an optional cosmetic procedure, nothing can be more important that full understanding of the science behind the drug.For more information, including trainee testimonial videos, please visit Elite’s website at eliteambt.Elite AMBT provides Aesthetic Medical Training to customers across Canada and the US while also offering webinars and online training. Elite AMBT provides quality training at a low cost. For more information please visit Source:

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Volunteer Options at Animal Shelters


Daviis Morris

Animal shelters are often looking for helpers. They usually are trying to operate on a very low budget, so they can’t afford to hire employees. Instead, they rely on volunteers to help out and do an array of things to keep them running, care for the animals and raise funds. Animal shelter volunteer programs are usually a big part of every shelter and can be found on their websites. Here’s a look at the different volunteer opportunities with animals that shelter may offer.

Adoption Counsellor

When people come to the shelter to adopt an animal, they have to be screened. The shelter wants to ensure that the family is ready to offer the care the animal needs and that the animal is a good fit for their home. This requires a counsellor to meet with the family and do an intake assessment. This is a key position that helps the animals find forever homes. Shelters will usually provide training and often have minimum age requirements for this position.

Socialization Volunteer

The animals at the shelter need attention just like pets a home. They cannot live locked in cages all the time. A socialization volunteer is someone who comes to the shelter to interact with the animals. This includes taking them out of cages and playing with them or taking them for walks. It may also include assisting with potential adoptions by helping people socialize with the animal they are considering adopting. Animal shelter volunteer programs usually offer all the training needed. There may also be a minimum age.


A cleaning position is exactly as it sounds. You will be cleaning cages and the different areas in the shelter to help keep things looking good and to maintain a healthy place for the animals, staff and visitors. If you have the skills, you may also be tasked with giving the animals baths and possibly even grooming them or handling regular care, like teeth cleaning and nail cutting. However, usually only those with previous experience can provide grooming services because training isn’t usually offered.

Digital Helper

If you know a thing or two about computers and the internet, then many animal shelter volunteer programs can use your help. Most shelters have or are building a website to announce pets up for adoption and to provide the public with news about the shelter. Most shelters need help with posting online and setting up such websites. Some even run social media accounts that they could use help with. Any savouriness in digital photography, video creation or marketing can also be helpful to a shelter.

When it comes to volunteering at animal shelters

, it is almost guaranteed that your local shelter needs help. The notorious under-funding of shelters combined with major overpopulation issues means that shelters are desperately in need. You can help lessen the burden and give a little of your time to make the shelter run more smoothly. Any volunteering you do also helps the shelter in other ways. Regardless of your job, you are helping to contribute to getting the animals adopted, which is the greatest reward you possibly ask for in return.

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