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Submitted by: James Brown

In this day and age, many people find themselves living on pretty restrictive budgets. As a consequence, when it comes to making major purchases such as home appliances, these men and women tend to spend a good deal of time looking for lower cost products. Perhaps you are such a person. In other words, perhaps you are in the market for home appliances and want to spend the least amount of money on your purchase.

If you are living on a budget and are on the hunt for home appliances, you might want to consider the purchase of refurbished home appliances. Refurbished home appliances are those that have essentially been rebuilt. Particular attention is paid to redoing the motors associated with home appliances that have been refurbished.

As a general rule, you can make the purchase of a refurbished home appliance for a very reasonable price. In point of fact, you can save a significant amount of money on a refurbished appliance as opposed to making the purchase of a new machine or appliance.

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In many communities around the world, a consumer in your position is able to locate and find a number of different outlets that trade in refurbished home appliances. In most cases, you will be able to find all types of home appliances from these types of operators that market refurbished appliances in the brick and mortar world,

If there is no outlet in your community through which you can make the purchase of home appliances, you might want to consider turning to the World Wide Web and the Internet. There are a number of different websites in operation on the Internet that deal and trade in refurbished home appliances of all types. As a result, no matter where you happen to be located around the world, you can access enterprises that deal and trade in refurbished home appliances with relative ease.

Many of these websites that trade in refurbished products — including home appliances — will arrange for delivery of an appliance directly to your home for a reasonable price. (Some of these refurbished home appliance outlets will include delivery related charges in the base price for the product itself.)

Once again, if you find yourself in the market for home appliance, do take the time to consider and explore the purchase of a refurbished product. By doing so, you likely will be able to find the type of home appliance you seek at a price that you truly can afford.

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Real Estate Investing: How Long Will It Take To Rent My House? by Mark S. LackeyHow many times have I heard the question How long will it take to rent my house?” Every investor that brings us their property wants to know the answer to this question. So, being in the property management business for five years I pull out my crystal ball and give them the answer. It isn’t always what they want to hear, but it is the answer.I tell them that renting a house is similar to selling a house. If an investor chooses to do it themselves typically the results match the efforts that are put into it. Certainly a sign is necessary, so they pick one up at the local home improvement store, but will the homeowner covenants allow rental signs? They can put an ad in the local paper, but it is expensive. Don’t all the gurus tell you that print ads are a thing of the past and that the internet is the way to go? Well maybe you put it on a free internet site, and wait.If they choose to use a professional property management company, the Management Company should put the property on multiple internet sites that reach agents, other property managers, as well as individuals. Individuals know to look for property managers because they remember their signs and other marketing and the tenants know they have a wide variety of properties. The better tenants also feel more comfortable renting from company because they know that they have recourse if there is a problem.We have had investors turn properties over to us that they have had on the market for six months and they are amazed when it rents so quickly with us. The professional property manager does the marketing and also the qualifying so the resident you get is typically a better caliber of tenant, better screened and managed. They also know landlord tenant law protecting you and your asset.There are cycles to the real estate market whether buying, selling or renting. Spring and summer are the best times to be on the market. There is a big rush to get into a house over the summer before school starts. It typically slows down in the fall, and then picks up again at the end on the year. We find that at mid month people are looking for a place for an end of month move in. Very few tenants look more than one month in advance.Currently the Atlanta market has good rental absorption. Finally, the apartments that we compete with are no longer offer three months free rent and a flat screen television just for moving in.For the past several years we have seen rental properties sit on the market and rental rates drop. Rents have declined for the past three years in the Atlanta area, but we are now turning the corner. Now we are able to increase rents each time there is a renewal. Every 3-5% helps.One thing that has helped is the rise in mortgage rates. With many lenders raising rates and becoming more stringent in lending guidelines, many would be homeowners are now being priced out of the market. Less and less people are qualifying to buy, so they must rent. Everyone wants a house with their own yard. This is good for you and for us.In reality you never know how quickly the property will rent. Curb appeal, cleanliness and livability mean a whole lot, so make your place look good. Look at what price comparable houses are renting for and then keep your price in line.Soon you will have a qualified resident moving in and then you will have that answer to that question How long will it take to rent my house?”Mark Lackey is a real estate investor in Atlanta and works with The REI Team at Solid Source Realty, Inc. He frequently helps other investors in their pursuit of financial freedom. In addition, he is the Vice President of Solid Source Property Management, Inc. Source:

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I’m going to discuss with you today regarding the three principles to opening strategy. When we receive for the game we’re always like, what can we do? There are a lot of pieces. Im not sure how to begin.” Well let me offer you the three steps that will help you to create a strong and confident opening.

The very first thing we will need to understand is these four center squares. They are considered an excellent square because this is the location where the core of the board is, the control center. For example, if I have my knight in the center of the board, my knight can control up to eight different squares, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. We are able to observe that this is the very strong place for my knight. If I have my knight on the side of the board it can only control up to four squares, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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Therefore, my knight is stronger in the center whereas most pieces are stronger in the center of the board. So at the start of the game you need to think about the center control. First thing we can try to do is get our pawns in the center. Very important to try and get our pawns to control the center. The next important step that we need to give attention to is piece development.

Now I like to think about my pieces since they are working for me. I need to give my pieces a job. If they are sitting back here they are not happy and they are not doing anything. So my next step is to bring my pieces out and have them working for me. Usually we bring out the knights before the bishops. So I can bring my knight to F-3 and my other knight to C-3 and then I’m bringing them towards the center. Notice how I didn’t bring my knight to H-3, which could not be a good choice towards the center.

Next, I would like to bring my bishops out, again on the center controlling the center squares. The next thing that we always be considering is king safety, very important. I like to consider the king like a baby. The main reason I consider the king a baby is that we always want to protect our babies just like we always want to protect our king. Therefore, the simplest way to protect your king at the start of the game is to castle. We have now two places, two strategies we can easily castle. You can either castle on the king’s side or on the queen’s side.

Right away I noticed that I can castle on the king’s side. To castle I move my king two spaces and then bring my rook to the other side and now my king is stuck behind a little fortress or, to keep with the theme of a baby, a crib and it is protected and safe. Just to review, the three important principles are controlling the center, piece development, and king safety. Those are the three things that we can do at the beginning of the game to go into the middle game confidently.

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Entertaining Easter Ideas for Assisted Living Facilities


Melissa Peterman

There are a lot of different circumstances that must be taken into consideration when it comes to activities within nursing homes and assisted living facilities.Meaning, your activity must be able to appeal to almost every person within a nursing home- meaning, people with disabilities, age level and religious, ethical and political preferences. Here are six great ways to get everyone involved this Easter while making sure that most everyone in the assisted living facility is able to participate.

Spring Time Easter Tea Party

Nothing says Easter like a big Easter hat and white gloves. The other thing that a big white hat and gloves scream is a traditional English tea party, especially one in a spring garden, just in time for Easter. Since an English style spring time Easter party offers a brief escape for every age, mobility and even mental ability to enjoy it, it makes it a perfect activity for an assisted living facility. All you need are tablecloths, a couple tea pots, some tea sandwiches and small cookies and you are set.

Easter Basket Decorating

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Its likely that many residents living in your assisted living facilities grew up with Easter baskets. Offer an open class on Easter basket decorating for residents to either give away to their grandchildren, donate or keep for themselves. Ask if a local craft store would host a basket decorating class, charging only for supplies or ask if an art student wouldnt mind donating their time to offer friendly help and suggestions.

Egg Decorating

The ultimate classic Easter activity that is open to everyone! Boil several dozen eggs, create a food grade dye from several Easter egg dying kits and make an announcement one week that there will be an Easter egg dying activity in the main activity area. Lay newspaper over several circular tables and invite everyone who wishes to color and dye eggs. The best part about this is making deviled eggs for lunch the next day!

Easter Parade Movie Night

This fun musical for Baby Boomers is an Irving Berlin classic. Seniors who appreciate old black and white romance will love this movie. Serve lemonade and popcorn and project it onto a big screen. Charge a nickel admission for some added nostalgia.

Spring Cleaning For Charity

Active seniors like to be kept busy. What better way to appreciate their skills than to help raise money for a local charity. Invite every active assisted living senior to help organize a local fundraising yard sale. Hang flyers in local neighborhoods suggesting community-wide spring closet cleaning and offering to collect items for a sale benefiting a local charity. Send church members or other volunteers with trucks to gather the goods and hold the sale in the assisted living parking lot. To offer a thank you to the local church volunteers, offer to place a card with Easter service times in each bag of goods you sell.

If you work in an assisted living facility, dont let Easter or spring for that matter come whipping through without paying any attention to it. What ever your religion, make it a celebration!

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