Beauty Spots: An Elective Option

By Felix Lehmann

A Beauty Spot also called as a Beauty mark is a dark facial mole which is generally small, flat and not protruding. Medically termed as melanocytic nevus such moles appear early on in the course of an individuals existence life. Moles located on the shoulder, neck or bosom was believed to be more aesthetically appealing than those in other parts of the body.

Beauty spots were surprisingly in vogue during the eighteenth century and fakes were created through make up in the form of hearts or stars. It could also be purchased as silk or velvet patches known as “mouches”. In the twentieth century interest in the beauty spot piqued as a result of Marilyn Monroes mole which played up her features in a unique way. From hence on a stud inserted above the lip was called Monroe. Supermodel Cindy Crawford and Madonnas beauty spot also revived the mole fashion. Though both contemplated removal Cindy retained hers since she realized that it was a facial blemish that made her distinguishable from the other plethora of models.

In olden times individuals who had moles especially on the face were subject to discriminating ridicule and attack. Formerly facial spots were not considered objects of beauty but were rather viewed as hideous growths which appeared on noses, cheeks and chins of witches, frogs and other lowly creatures. Even in folklore and modern popular culture the protagonists are beautiful and blemish free while the evil characters and villains had rugged features and facial moles. In Medieval Europe todays beauty spots were viewed as physical signs of the entry point of the devil into the soul.


Ancient Chinese beliefs advocate that beauty spots can foretell a persons fortunes. Chinese beliefs propound molemancy or the analysis of the visage using the moles; a practice first advanced in Greece by philosopher Hippocrates. It attained popularity in the sixteenth century. Even today, a beauty spot reading is available through the Internet. A comprehensive discipline of Chinese, moleoscopy suggests that moles may be lucky or unlucky, depending on their size, location and color. Based on the Chinese almanac, called the Tung Shu, the significance of beauty spots on the face can be predicted by its location. The visage can be divided into different sections which are numbered and these numbers can represent a spot. A beauty spot’s meaning can be ascertained by matching its location on the face to the consequent location on the visage map. A Single facial beauty spot is believed to hold more meaning than a number of such facial spots. The Chinese as a result of this study believe that there are lucky as well as unlucky spots.

But luck or no luck beauty spots can today be made using make up or even tattooed with vegetable dye and if you dont like your congenital or acquired beauty spot it can even be removed without a scar after a session with the dermatologist. But as point for contemplation all our famous actresses from Marilyn Monroe to Julia Roberts and even Angelina Jolie have a beauty spot. So is a beauty spot really lucky.Make your own deductions.

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