Treatment Is Needed For Some Who Want Their Own Child

By Penny Lane

There is a mistaken belief that couples who cannot conceive have no chance of ever having a child of their own. There is also a notion that when problems arise, it is always the woman who is at fault. Both these ideas are wrong of course, but it may take a little extra work to get pregnant for sure. For those who want to undergo help from specialists, look up ‘fertility clinic Ontario’ or ‘infertility treatment Ontario’ on the internet and see which facilities offer exactly what is needed.

When a couple turns up on the doorstep of one of these facilities, they are really put through their paces. Both will undergo medicals to see if there is an obvious cause for the problem. Both will be given advice about relaxing, times to try during the month and even, for the man, what kind of underwear to use so that his body does not get too hot. Heat is the killer of sperms oddly enough so tight and synthetic clothing are out.

They may even be expected to wait one full year before the facility will get involved with their cases because people tend to think that things happen immediately, but nature has an odd way of disappointing those who make too many demands.


Once the year has gone by, it may be time to do some investigative work on both the male and female halves of the couple. The male is much easier to deal with since his system is much simpler than the woman so he will not take up too much time for sure. His sperms will be tested to make sure that they are viable etc and once this is proven, the woman will be the next target.

For the woman the procedures are much more detailed and she will have to be put through some rather stringent tests etc. Her ovulation will be checked, her cycle will be monitored and even her fallopian tubes will be scanned to make sure that there is no blockage etc. The womb too comes under scrutiny since some women have growths in there that are not normally felt but which will prevent pregnancy from taking place.

Once all these investigations are complete, and the couple is still not in that certain condition, it is time to let science help out. This is a quite painful and expensive time for the couple since the woman will be given hormone treatments etc. She will have to inject herself at home so that egg production is increased. She will certainly be moody at this time so the man will also go through the hoops too.

Hopefully, before too long, this process will actually work and the couple will be able to rest in the knowledge that they have achieved what they have been after for too long. This is not an easy path to take, by any stretch of the imagination, but we must all be grateful that scientists have been able to work out these procedures.

About the Author: Penny Lane has been searching the term fertility clinic Guelph Ontario on the web in order to write an article on the subject for a major news magazine. Her sister scheduled an appointment to seek infertility treatment Guelph Ontario.


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