Top 10 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

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Submitted by: Andrew Stratton

There are a variety of procedures that exist to help achieve a person’s cosmetic dentistry goals, it’s best to get familiar with all of the options first and then choose a personal cosmetic dentistry plan with the help a licensed cosmetic dentist.

Therefore, for those considering a cosmetic dentistry, the top 10 procedures are as follows:

1. Laser Teeth or Tooth Whitening-In just one office visit, a person can lighten their teeth up 6 shades by undergoing laser teeth whitening (or single tooth whitening for isolated trouble spots). The procedure is fast, effective and lasts considerably longer than over-the-counter whitening methods.

2. Porcelain Veneers-Porcelain veneers are used in cosmetic dentistry to change either the color or shape of the teeth. Specifically, porcelain veneers are placed over existing teeth to correct areas of discoloration, teeth that are too small or too big, cracked teeth or irregularities in a person’s smile.


3. Dental Implants-This procedure allows for people with missing teeth to receive a natural looking implant, provided there is enough bone available to anchor in the new tooth (if not, another procedure called a bone graft may be necessary).

4. Bonding-Bonding is used to cover natural flaws in the teeth including spots of discoloration, gaps between the teeth or crooked teeth. This is done by applying a thin layer plastic material to the front of teeth, which is then hardened with a high intensity light for permanent results.

5. Dental Bridge-A dental bridge is basically a permanent denture that is held in place by a crown attached to the tooth on either side of the denture. This helps to fill holes caused by missing teeth for a more natural and complete smile.

6. Dental Reshaping and Contouring-This procedure seeks to reshape crooked, overlapped or cracked teeth in as little as one session by sanding and shaping the trouble areas of the mouth. The procedure is very non-evasive and generally does not require the use of anesthesia.

7. Cosmetic Gum Surgery-This procedure seeks to fix the appearance of a “long tooth smile,” or the shrinking of the gum’s under the teeth, which is the result of aging, gum disease or a poor bite. To fix the problem, a cosmetic dentist will remove tissue from the roof of the mouth and graft it back into the gum’s to create a more proportional look to the teeth.

8. White Fillings-White fillings are used to replace unsightly metal fillings that were once the only alternative to cavity repair. White fillings have a more natural look and are also better for the body.

9. Custom Dentures-Individuals with missing teeth can choose from a variety of denture options to fill the gaps in their smile. Complete dentures obviously provide a full set of teeth for those that have had them removed or lost them due to natural aging, while other techniques such as over dentures or partial dentures help to replace random missing teeth without going to a full set of dentures.

10. Accelerated Orthodontics-In this procedure, cosmetic dentists will physically reshape and reposition the teeth in 3 to 8 months, which is half the time that braces would achieve the process by natural means.

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