The Health Tips For Taking A Bath

The Health Tips for Taking a Bath


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Bath may be the common method used to eliminate fatigue as well as beauty, but how can we use this method, I think you still do not know, let me teach you!

Regular daily shower is beneficial to health. Western doctors believe that the body heat of the body\’s system is a regular. Morning to night is heat storage s time, but the continual loss of heat in the afternoon to night time. So every day, at a fixed time period shower is in line with the physiological cyclical nature.


While, the Chinese believe that the human body gas maintains the operation of the organs and regulate their function, if there is no air circulation, it will affect body functions. Movement, pressure, light extrinsic factors can give the body a positive stimulus; make the body vein smooth, reaching the efficacy of the regimen. To make the vein smooth must have an adjustable spray mode of high-quality hand-held showers; it is the key to shower health. 5 minutes every day in the shower process, using flow shower adjust to different flow to stimulate the acupoints and internal organs of the body, can ease pain, and this method is simple in people\’s lives.

In addition, you can use the first heat and then cold water to take a bath, which can promote blood circulation. Experts believe that, alternating hot and cold water shower massage can help promote blood circulation, but it must first heat, cold. The hot water can be relaxing the blood vessels of the skin surface and relax the muscles to help the self-relaxation, and then the cold bath when the body has enough warmth. This can tighten the blood vessels and promote blood circulation, mental and physical excitement.

Moreover, Shower massage must be carried out after cleaning out the body. In the process, first increase the water temperature, at the same time strengthen the flow intensity, to use massaging water to do a full body massage to relax the muscles and ligaments, and focus on the ligament at the site of muscle tension or soreness. When the body has been preheated with hot water massage, you can try cold water massage. Cold water massage should be gradual, and do not soon will be the body in cold water shed, you should start with the beginning of the several parts of the face, feet or hands, and then slowly toward the chest. If it is difficult to accept the cold water from foot to knee and from the hand to the elbow, you can only shower every day to move up a little, and slowly you will adapt.

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