Ip Lawyers Consult Them To Protect Your Patent

IP Lawyers – Consult Them To Protect Your Patent


Tim Bishop

The economic recession has led to many highly talented individuals becoming redundant. For some this may have led to a positive achievement that may never otherwise have occurred. For instance, you may have turned your attention away from your original profession or field of expertise and taken an altogether different route.

Have you recently developed a new product or process, it could be electrical or for IT? Maybe after your degree you consider biotechnology, chemistry or pharmaceuticals. Have you stumbled across something remarkable that needs pursuing to gain recognised accreditation? Could it be classified as Intellectual Property (also known as IP) ? If so, doesn’t this require some form of for intellectual property advice and legal protection from specialist IP Lawyers?


Well, if this sounds like you and you have become an inventor, think carefully about protection of your product. Have you really kept this such a secret? And even if you do keep it secret, what happens if it gets stolen? Without giving any thought to proper protection of your Intellectual Property, your dream invention that could take the world, if not, the nation, by storm could end up belonging to someone else.

It is easy to get carried away when inventing. This natural excitement can lead to telling casual friends, acquaintances, colleagues and shopkeepers what you are doing with your redundant time. Success in on the cards and your thoughts get out of control. Consulting Intellectual Property Lawyers is a million miles away from your thoughts. Surely no-one else would have the time, understanding and energy to pursue this?

Possibly not, but then they don’t have to if you hand it to them on a plate. If your invention is copied then they can make easy money from you. How? Well, how about from a stolen PC or break in? Without taking IP advice and patenting your product or process then 3rd parties could be open to copying it.

Missing this vital area of Law is common. You may think the idea you are busy working on is really not very big and hardly worth the term ‘Intellectual Property’. Well, IP lawyers represent clients at all levels within the European Patent Office, including oppositions. It is preferable to protect yourself rather than suffer the loss.

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