How To Choose Toys For Baby.

How to choose toys for baby.



Wood, cotton, wool are considered as the best materials for the toys. Absolutely natural and baby friendly, unique and interesting dolls your can find in internet craftmans shops. There toys are crafted from cotton interlock knit fabric and wool stuffing. As you can read no plastic used. It is traditional Europe doll making technique. The appearance of the doll is pretty, interesting and natural. It has long hair appropriate for making pleats or other hairdos. Hair is made of bulky yarn, which is very handy for the children s little fingers. The eyes and lips are embroidered, cheeks are painted with eco crayons, by this way the face obtains friendly expression. The legs and arms are flexible, allowing free motion of the body. Often clothes are specially made for each doll. If some serious damage is done for the doll, you will be able to find the author and receive the help to fix and repair it.


The wash of the doll is pretty simple: Make and fix doll hairs in pleats. Wash separately in cold or lukewarm water on delicate wool cycle only, with wool soap. Not permanent press cycle, not mixed with every piece of cotton shirt and jeans clothes you own. To dray, lay flat on a towel to dry inside away from light. Don\’t hang outside in sunlight. Don t iron. If the dolls cheeks have lost the color after washing, just be creative, buy some children friendly eco crayons and draw it by yourself ?

As each doll is made special, you can write and tell your ideas. For example, if your kid s favorite cartoon is about girl with long hair up to ankles, we can make it for you. Or if the favorite character has some special hairdo, send us the photo and the doll will obtain the look. If you have some requirements to hairs color, please inform us and the right color will be chosen. If the doll is for some special purpose as christening, we can make special, romantic dress. By this approach it will be more entertaining for doll s maker and what is interesting for you, the dolls price will stay the same as indicated in web shop.

As the childhood is the happiest time of life, we want to help you to make it unforgettable.

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