General Contractors: Denver Leads The Way For Leed Industrial Facilities

byAlma Abell

Industrial facilities are a vital aspect to our economy. However, these facilities operate on a much larger scale than other business as they run 24 hours per day, seven days a week. As a result, industrial facilities are responsible for 30 percent of the United States total energy consumption and four percent of the nation’s domestic water usage. With the cost of consumption so high, many are looking to lower their environmental impact to increase their bottom line. This has led to a large demand for LEED general contractors. Denver industrial facilities need more sustainable construction, design, architecture, and engineering across all manufacturing industries.


LEED General Contractors: Denver Promotes Sustainability

As of today, there are more than 1,755 LEED-certified industrial facilities throughout the world according to LEED in Motion’s Industrial Facility report. That number is expected to drastically increase as there are currently more than 2,700 registered industrial facilities. As more and more industrial warehouses, manufactures, and others in the industry turn to pursue an LEED certification, general contractors will be on the frontline to offer the engaging, practical strategies needed to become more resource efficient.

With an LEED certification holding the potential to triple the bottom line of businesses, the environment, and profits, industrial facilities throughout the nation will be prioritizing their mission to become more environmentally-friendly.

As LEED general contractors, Denver construction company, iiCONG Construction Group, helps businesses make good business decisions with sustainable building. Using the most advanced and effective LEED strategies, industrial facilities have the potential to save millions as green building pays for itself over time.