Dumaguete : A Must See Place In The Philippines

By Peter Garant

Dumaguete City a city know for its hospitable and warm people, an booming economic center and tourist attraction and the center of learning in the south.

Wanting to visit a city that is like no other? A city that is not like manila or cebu a little smaller but just as fabulous? Then you might want to try visiting Dumaguete City. It is the largest city of negros oriental and also the capital seaport.

The people here are called Dumagueteos popularly known for their hospitality and friendship and well gentleness. Dumaguete City is then considered ‘a city of gentle people’.The term Dumaguete came from the word ‘daggit’ and ‘dumaguet’ because of the muslim attacks on the city and ‘dumaguet’ bacause of the power of the natives to captivate its visitors.


Dumaguete is the smallest in terms in land area among the 20 provinces and 5 cities here in negros oriental considering it is the capital city. it is bounded by the municipality of sibulan to the north and the municipality of Bacong to the south. But lets not go there shall we?

The economic status of the Dumaguete city has been influenced by business process outsourcing and other industries. Major examples of these are the companies Teletech, a call center firm and SPi, one of the worlds leading BPO companies. these two firms are one of the largest ITES firms operating here in Dumaguete.

The city is also a tourist attraction, and the upsurge of tourists flood Dumaguete annually for the annual fiesta’s, the Silliman founders day and the likes. The boulevard also pose as one of the best tourist attraction site here in Dumaguete, with its magnificent view of the Mindanao sea and the local shops, and restaurants fronting the sea. Dumaguete is just a piece of the big cake when it comes to local wonders and travels spots in Negros Oriental.

If one is interested to visit the mountains, jungle perhaps one can visit forest camp located up high in Valencia were u could just relax away from city life. If u want a more exhilarating experience u can go to Lake Balinsasayao and experience the beauty of the jungles untouched by man. I bet one will remember his/her experience when he/she visits the city.

Dumaguete is not just a tourist attraction, it is also a progressive universty city with. Considered the central learning center of the south, dumaguete city boasts university of prestigious honor like silliman university. One of the first american built university in asia. Different races, different languages come to Dumaguete to study, take for example koreans who come here to study english and iranians who do the same. Other universities like St. Paul University ,Negros Oriental State University, and Foundation University takes it respective titles as part of the university city.

So basically Dumaguete is a cool and nice place to visit. The people are warm the attractions are nice (you got to love Dumaguetenas) and it only take what 10 minutes drive from the airport? Do why not visit Dumaguete? The colorful history of Dumaguete contributes to why it is a must go to place in the map, and im confident to say u wont be wasting your time for nothing.

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