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We all want to keep our kids while they are on the internet. Dress up games are some of the most popular websites for young girls and parents want to know that these sites are safe and make sure their children aren’t going to be in danger on these websites. How safe are dress up games?

Are Dress Up Games Safe?

Dress up games are safe, safer in fact than many other online games your children play. Why is this? It is because the girls are there to play the dress up games not to meet other people and chat with strangers. Your daughter can actually create an avatar at a dress up game site that they can use on other sites to be safe there as well. It is great to get your child used to using an avatar not a picture at a young age.

How to Play Dress Up Games

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There are many different websites where your children can play dress up games. Some of the sites are specialized and use Barbie or Bratz dolls as characters. Others use normal dolls that the children dress up. The dolls will be in their underwear so the children can give them a new look with the available clothes and accessories. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing these dolls.

The website where you children play the dress up game is a single website with no other influences or sites associated with it. The smaller websites are a little safe in this way but have a smaller variety of clothes and dolls while the bigger websites can be slightly less safe and offer more variety. You will have to carefully consider which websites you allow your children to use for this reason.

Social Aspects of Dress Up Games

A lot of the dress up games websites offer more than just simple games. Some allow children to communicate with each other about the dolls they create and critique other people’s dolls on the site. Some let children set up an avatar and develop their own character.

These sites have moderators that watch the social interaction but it is important that you teach your children about internet safety so they can protect themselves from people who might want to harm them. Because all the children are on the site to play dress up games they have more in common than if they met people on Facebook or MySpace so they are safe. They are also safer because their size makes them easier for moderators to watch out for inappropriate behavior.

Make sure your children know never to put a picture of themselves out on any of these or any other websites. Instead, they should use one of their doll creations as their picture for safety reasons. This also allows them to express themselves and show their creativity off to the world at the same time. They can create a doll that represents them and their own personal style. This will make sure her real identity is not known and no one can contact her in the real world.

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