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“Fully 90% of managers squander their time in all sorts of ineffective activities… the smallest proportion of managers we studied – around 10% – were both highly energetic and highly focused. Not only do such managers put in more effort than their counterparts, but they also achieve critical, long-term goals more often… spend their time in a committed, purposeful, and reflective manner.” – Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal, “Beware the Busy Manager”

Very often we find that managers and their teams are so busy working in the business that they have little time to work on the business. Meetings, deadlines, full email in-boxes, phone calls – comprised mostly of operational activities – suck up huge amounts of time and energy. We’ve often tried to work with such ineffective managers to set up training workshops and off-site planning retreats. But they are typically too busy fighting fires to spend time on any prevention strategies. As they work ever harder, the fires burn ever bigger. Too often this leads to burned-out managers, demoralized frontline staff, and slipping performance.

Strong leaders who are effective coaches know the value of R & R (reflection and renewal). They periodically pull themselves and their teams back from daily work in operations to work on themselves. They are constantly asking questions like “what should we keep doing, stop doing, and start doing to be more effective?” Coaches keep the fires under control by getting everyone involved in looking at underlying root causes and developing prevention strategies. This leads to renewed energy, clearer focus, and increased performance.

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The value of R & R is not a new concept. Many centuries ago there was a vast wilderness dividing two friendly nations. Caravans of traders traveled a rough highway through the sandy and rocky wastelands. It was a long and dangerous journey where animals and people often ran out of precious water and perished. One day, a traveler named Ephram got lost and wandered many miles off the beaten path through rocks, thorns, and barren desert that made the regular route seem like a stroll down a country lane. Confused and near death from thirst, he stumbled into a cave. As he went further into its cool and inviting depths, Ephram discovered a large pool of clear, cold water created by an underground spring. As he drank deeply and bathed in its refreshing waters, Ephram’s failing eyesight (he had gone almost blind in the last few years) and pronounced limp were healed. When Ephram found his way back to the main road, word of the cavern and its miraculous waters spread quickly through the caravans. Although it was a two-day journey from the main route, Ephram’s Cavern quickly became a life-saving stop for all convoys down through the years. Weary travelers were refreshed and rejuvenated. Travelers continued their long journey with renewed vigor and energy. The caverns became a major factor in the growing size and frequency of caravans that traveled through the immense wilderness.

As the years passed and travel experience grew, caravans became better equipped and able to go longer and longer distances without stopping. As trade between the two nations grew, so did the competition. Bigger and faster caravans began to rush right past the long and difficult road leading off to the distant, magical waters of Ephram’s Cavern. Those travelers that did go to the caverns arrived at their destination days later than their harried competitors. But they were much healthier and their energy levels were higher. In the weeks and months of frantic trading activity that followed, those called the Ephram Travelers were less stressed, more focused, and used their time more wisely than their competitors. As a result, they finished their trading and left a few days earlier than the others. On the return trip, the Ephram Travelers once again made the long and difficult trek to the caverns. There they rejuvenated themselves and the beasts of burden carrying the heavy payloads to sell in their homelands. Since their harried competitors were already a few days behind, they again rushed past the cavern road to get home before the Ephram Travelers had commanded all the highest prices for the fine goods brought back from foreign lands.

Taking time for reflection and renewal continues to pay off in today’s workplace, as well.

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Reprinted with the permission of Jim Clemmer whose practical leadership & personal growth books, workshops, and team retreats have helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide improve personal, team, and organizational performance. An international best-selling author, his latest book is Growing @ the Speed of Change. Visit for more information on his books, monthly newsletter, and leadership blog.Author: Jim Clemmer

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By Brenda Ballentine

When you need to raise money fast to pay bills, and those unexpected expenses that come up, the absolutely quickest way to get what you need is to borrow the money. If that’s not an option, and you’re finding it hard to get a part-time job right now, then you need some good ideas for making money fast.

Let me start right off by saying that I’m not going to give you any ‘pie in the sky’ opportunity programs that claim they’ll make you rich overnight. These are nothing but scams, and you are much better off if you simply ignore it whenever you see one. Unless you are interested in losing money quickly, instead of making it, those ‘get rich quick’ schemes are a complete waste of time.

Okay, now let’s get to the reason you are reading this article. You want to know how to make money at home quick. There are many home business ideas that you can start on a shoestring budget. You also don’t need a lot of experience to begin using any of these quick money making ideas. What you do need, however, is the willingness to put the time and effort into making it a viable home business.

Baking Cupcakes

If you enjoy baking, you can offer your cupcake making skills to people who are in need of some

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tasty party food. Cupcakes are extremely popular and can be decorated into many different styles and colors. You can make animal cupcakes for kids, you can make fancy cupcakes for weddings, you can make whimsical cupcakes for just about any gathering.

Cleaning Homes

If you don’t mind getting down and dirty with the scrub brush and doing some sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, you can hire yourself out as housecleaning help. All you need is the ability to do some mild physical labor and a few cleaning supplies. Your clients will supply the heavier cleaning equipment: broom, mop and vacuum.

Freelance Worker

There are lots of busy professionals, and small businesses, who need various tasks done, but can’t afford to hire an employee to do the job. That’s where freelance workers come in and save the day. Freelance workers can do all sorts of things like: designing websites, designing logos, writing articles or website content, bookkeeping, making spreadsheets and databases, transcription, etc.

Mowing Lawns

Have lawnmower, will travel, could be your motto. Lots of people dislike having to care for a lawn themselves. Older people with homes often can use assistance in keeping their lawns looking nice and presentable. If you take pride in how you care for your own lawn, then you can easily

make some quick cash doing this for other people. In addition, your service could include shoveling snow from sidewalks in the winter.


There is always a need for a tutor to help both young and older people learn a new skill, or have a better understanding of their school work in a particular subject. Tutors are especially needed in these areas: English, Math, Science, Reading, Music. If you are patient with people and know one of these subjects well, you can hire yourself out as a personal tutor.

These are all excellent ways to make some fast cash when the need arises. There are many other great ideas to make some quick money from home.

About the Author: When you absolutely need a fool-proof way to make extra money from home, take control and create your own home based business on a shoestring budget. Go to this site for some great ideas to get you started on the road to financial freedom:


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Latency is defined as the delay in the time it takes for data to travel from point A to point B. In the case of Forex trading, this equates to the distance between your broker and their respective liquidity sources.

Latency tends to be one of the most overlooked aspects of Forex trading. From a trader’s perspective the focus has always been on the front end trading software. However, reductions in latency should be one of the most important considerations in selecting a Forex broker. It is essential that an STP broker that connects to various liquidity sources lessen the time that trade messages takes to reach those sources of liquidity.

The Case for Colocation

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As is the case with many businesses, a major key to success is “location, location, location”. Numerous studies have shown that the most effective way to limit latency is to make sure the physical location of the broker’s servers are in close physical proximity to the data source. DivisaFX accomplishes this by locating their servers within the same facility where Currenex hosts their servers. This means that trade messages travel the shortest distance possible and offer clients precious milliseconds advantage over other brokers.

Many algorithmic and high frequency traders take advantage of the improved execution times by hosting their trading system in a collocation with their broker. Through a partnership with TradeSpotFX, traders can now use the VPS (Virtual Private Server) service to reduce latency and maximize the effectiveness of their expert advisor or other automated trading system they might use.

Another benefit of server collocation is security. Financial institutions are required by law to adhere to the strictest levels of security and data integrity. They must also maintain server uptime of 99.99% so numerous backups are implemented to insure uninterrupted trading for clients of DivisaFX.

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For more information please visit backthegreenback.comAuthor: Michael Markarian

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By John Mailer

Have you been having trouble paying off your school tuition and other student expenses? If your credit score is bad, do not despair. There are many companies all around the country that are offering student loans even if you have bad credit.

Even if you do no longer qualify for many other student loans and programs because of your poor credit history, these companies that are offering bad credit and student loans will still accommodate your needs.

Requirements for Bad Credit Student Loans

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Since your credit standing is really bad, they will not even conduct a credit check. This means that if you get a bad credit student loan, you will not be required to answer those embarrassing questions about your poor financial status. Although there may be some companies that would require you to put up collateral for your loan, there are also some companies that will not require you to put up anything at all. If you are really in need of money to finance your studies, it is better get one of those bad credit and student loans.

Disadvantages of Bad Credit Student Loans

Technically, it is quite easy to get bad credit student loans. However, since you are considered a poor credit risk because of your bad credit history, the interest rates of these bad credit student loans are much higher than regular student loans. The worst part of getting high interest loans is that the amount is compounded.

This means that if you are unable to pay your debts on time, the interest due will now be added to the principal loan and charged with interest. Furthermore, once you default in paying your loans amortization, you will be charged with penalties. In most cases, the unpaid penalties will also earn interest and your bad credit student loans will now balloon to a huge amount.

Based on the amount of the loan and the terms and conditions involved therein, bad credit student loans are quite expensive. If you do not want to end up being buried in student debts by the time your graduate, you better shape up right from the start. If you want to borrow money, borrow only that which you really need. Do not over bury yourself financially if you do not want to end up totally broke by the time you graduate.

About the Author: John Mailer’s articles look at students financial problems and the

best student loans consolidation

ideas using private student loans. His other site is about the thrills of

whitewater rafting


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