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By Matt Franks

Branded Matches are a promotional item that will fire up interest with low cost to you. Bars, hotels, Cigar Clubs, fireplace distributors, and restaurants love them because they are cost efficient and appealing to customers. Matches are easily distributed to large groups. Due to being smaller in size you can carry more at a time and reach more people.

How do you promote your company on Branded Matches?

There is plenty of room for your company logo, address, phone number and any other information you would like to promote. You have more room than on a business card. Using all of the space will ignite interest in your company.

Put your company logo on the front of the cover.

On a sleeve of the matches put your company’s phone number.

On another sleeve put your company’s website address.

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Do you have a company quote ? Put the quote on the inside of the cover.

Use your imagination.

Customers will be able to reorder more easily and more efficiently when they are able to hold all of your business information in the palm of their hand. Matches will provide you with long lasting promotional exposure. Generate awareness of your company with great results. They are a unique way to keep your company active in the memory of your clients and future customers.

When you handout Branded Matches to a potential customer you are creating a billboard for your company. It is a souvenir promoting your company. People throw away paper. They keep what they can use. They will see your company logo repeatedly each time they use them.

Matches are a multipurpose promotional item.

Customers remember the advertiser’s name on useful promotional products. Customers love freebies. They will refer to Branded Matches later when they want to remember the name your company. Anyone can benefit from matches.

Your company can benefit from loyal customers who learned about your company with a well thought out promotional product.

Customers can use them for recreational uses in their home with candles, fireplaces, barbecues, campfires, and grills.

They can be used in the office to light the deal sealing cigars.

Create a spark of interest in your company.

Advertise your company with practical Branded Matches. They are inexpensive for your company to distribute. If your company believes that giving out promotional items to customers and non-consumers is expensive, consider the new businesses that your company could get due to the cost effective Branded Matches.

Branded Matches assist the client in their office and home so that will result in them to more likely remember your company. Branded Matches are a successful promotional item for reaching customers and even reaching those companies that are not yet customers. Offering the best promotional item will get you the clients you want. Use matches because they are the advertising that will get you the results you want. Branded Matches will spark the memory and attention of all who receive them.

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