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byAlma Abell

The dreaded B word is one that everyone would prefer to avoid. Having to find a bankruptcy lawyer in Salt Lake City because you can’t manage your own bills is not only horrible but embarrassing as well. Since most bankruptcy issuescome from failing to manage credit cards properly, there are a few ways that you can avoid filing bankruptcy, as long as you follow the rules and do things the right way. With that being said, read on below for the top ways you can avoid having to contact a bankruptcy lawyer today.

Contact Your Creditors

While getting into credit card debt is easy, getting out of it can be really hard to do. If you have so much debt piled up through credit cards, it might be a good idea to get in touch with your creditors. If you have so many credit cards that you aren’t sure what is due and when to try asking the credit card companies to change all of your due dates to the same time. In this way, you can pay them all at once and avoid late fees as well.

Transfer Balances

If you can transfer your balances on some credit cards to one credit card, it will lower your interest rates and help you keep track of what you owe as well.

Pay off the Smallest

Paying off the credit cards that you only owe a little bit of money on will help you credit score and help you get out of filing bankruptcy if it’s done the right way.

Remember, no one wants to file bankruptcy, and there are ways to prevent it. However, if you find that your bills are just getting worse, it’s time to call in a reputable bankruptcy lawyer in Salt Lake City to help you take care of the problem today. For more information visit The Utah Bankruptcy Lawyer.