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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy – A Must For Long Term Health and Wellness by Nancy SmithAre you looking to eliminate or minimize the effects of stress and tension inyour life? If so, you may want to consider deep tissue massage therapy. Whendoing so, it is also important to seek the help of a licensed and certifiedmassage therapist. Deep tissue massage therapy helps put your body intoconcordance. When you have lots of stress and tension, your brain signals for arelease of endocrines to counteract this stress and tension. This release ofendocrines causes your body’s engine to accelerate. As this happens over andover, your body will eventually have problems descending from that stress level.This will cause you bigger health problems in the long term. It is much betterfor you to bring your stress levels down through more natural means.Deep tissue massage therapy is the working of muscles in long deep motions thatreduces and eliminates muscle tension. Your brain and body begin to decompress.Some techniques will work the upper muscles while others work deeper. Almost anyform of massage therapy will have favorable affects all the same. Massagetherapy helps bring tension into check and results in better ease for thepatient in a much shorter time than had they gone a full week without massage.For the person with a tight schedule,a 15-minute chair massage once or twice aweek will yield great results.Deep tissue massage is only one form of massage available. Another popular oneis Swedish massage which involves long smooth strokes blended with musclekneading which produces more oxygen in the muscles. Other forms includeacupressure, Thai, hot stone, and aromatherapy. Acupressure involves employingpressure to specific areas of the body to induce better blood flow. Thai workson elongating muscles and employing pressure in tension areas. Hot stone callsfor placing tolerably heated rocks on parts of the body. Aromatherapy calls foradding scented oils and candles. A good encompassing massage therapy frequentlyinvolves one or more of these methods.Deep tissue massage therapy should be as much of your routine as getting ahaircut or or a manicure. Why do we put so much effort into our outwardappearances and then overlook our inner? When living with high stress levels, nomeasure of cosmetics products or fashion enhancement will help you through yourday. Massage therapy should be a consistent, ongoing part of your weekly ormonthly wellness and beauty program. It will yield you long-run benefits byeliminating or minimizing creases and worry lines, and increasing blood flowthroughout your body, and finally, cutting down toxins in the muscles. All ofthis will help you enjoy a much healthier and longer life.Nancy Smith is a licensed, certified Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and MA Nursein Austin, Texas. Nancy is dedicated to to improving the quality of health and well being of people through her holistic healing practices. For more information about Nancy, her practice Inner Peace – Austin Massage Therapy and Hypnosis, services, location and how she can dramatically improve the quality of your life, come visit her web site at BestAustinMassageTherapy.comArticle Source:

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