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Composer of Short Ton Productions Crafts Hits for Music Libraries.


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Sound-alikes are songs that are meant to be in a similar style to well known bands. The song should convey to the listener a similar feeling and vibe while still being unique. Music libraries very often have small budgets and cannot afford sync licenses for the real artist’s recording and composition. For this reason, it is more affordable to use a sound-alike recording in the same style.

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As a recording artist wanting to record sound-alikes, you want to take influence from the referenced band without infringing on their copyright. First set your composition at a similar BPM. This ensures the overall vibe will remain. A few beats per minute difference would be smart. Do to use a different key signature. Study the original’s chord progression and arrangement. Ensure that you write a different progression whilst retaining the feel. Another important aspect is instrumentation. You will want to use instruments that sound like on the referenced recording, shooting for tone and arrangement in their style.

Lyrically, try to write words that relate the general concept yet are original enough to be considered a real song unto itself. If your vocal style is not similar enough to the band’s you will want to find with a professional singer who can convincingly sing the referenced style of music. This factor is extremely important to convincing the listener.

Once you have recorded all of your instruments and vocals, the production additionally needs to use similar techniques as the musicians. Find blogs covering the artist’s production process in detail. The music producer usually talks about what gear was used and how they approached processing specific instruments. If you have a decent project studio, you may be able to complete the process at home. However, sometimes hiring a mixing engineer to fine tune the recording will allow your piece to sound its best. No matter where you decide to mix the production it would be wise to have the song mastered by a dedicated mastering house. Send both the referenced song and your composition so the engineer can model something very similar in comparison.

Now that you have perfected your sound-alike creation process, your compositions can begin to be picked up by music publishers. If the songs are good enough and fit the right scene, the music can generate a great source of income via sync licensing and back-end public performance royalties.

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Composer of Short Ton Productions Crafts Hits for Music Libraries.