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Build Your Home With Interior Design In Mind



If youre building a home, chances are your vision is not limited to the architecture. Your imagination has probably filled every room in the house with some idea of how you want it to look the colors, the textures and the overall design elements. Whats harder though is bringing your imagination to life, which is exactly what a qualified interior designer can help you do.

Manhattan interior designer Mark Polo has 30 years of experience helping his clients realize the home of their dreams. In fact, this award-winning New York interior designer is one of the regions most sought after personal and professional New York interior design consultants, and he has the interior design gallery to prove it. The same is also true of his work as a New Jersey interior designer. In fact, Polos interior design services are available to homeowners all over the country.

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However, as Polo points out, you need not wait until your house is built to bring an interior designer on to the project. In fact, you will be far better served to bring one in at the very beginning.

An interior designer can work with your architect and your builder as a third pair of eyes to ensure that the function and beauty of your new home are seamlessly blended together.

Knowledgeable of feng shui, the Chinese art of placement, Polo can make sure that all of the elements planned for the architecture of your home promote good chi, or energy flow through your home. These are principles that have been practiced in China for thousands of years for a reason; they work. In building a brand new home, you have a tremendous opportunity to create the ultimate feng shui-friendly space.

Plus, if you were to wait until after your home is built to consult with an interior designer, it may be harder and more expensive to incorporate new design elements than if you had included it as part of the initial building phase of the project.

Whether its a water fountain, terrarium, fireplace, shelving, ceiling fans, kitchen island or any other design element you want, its most time- and cost-effective to include them in the blueprints from the very beginning. However, the last thing you want is your builder to incorporate these elements in places where an interior designer knowledgeable of feng shui practices and other design principles would know better.

If youre building a home, or simply looking to redesign the one you have, request your appointment with Mark Polo today.

Whats the point of having a room in your home that doesnt get used for anything more than a showcase for trophies or other precious belongings that no one is allowed to touch? You home should feel inviting and lived in, and no room should be an exception. There are plenty of creative ways to display your personal treasures without sacrificing the freedom to enjoy every square foot of your home.

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