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How to Schedule the Awesome Power of Laughter


Joy Obihara

Did you know that you can schedule in laughter as part of your daily living?

From early times, laughter has always been part of human nature, practiced as a way of experiencing happiness, Joy, inner relief from stress and strain, relief from anxiety and so on.

It’s fair to say that due to Morden hectic schedule, some people don’t even have the time to relax and unwind, let alone having time to think of scheduling pure laughter as part of their daily living.

When you understand the sheer benefits, you can gradually learn to dedicate just a few minutes on a regular basis for laughter. For example you may practice scheduled laughter from just five to fifteen minutes daily or as it suits you.

Laughter can help you immensely as part of a healthy living and well-being, and will add to your experience of a joyous lifestyle when scheduled to suit your desires.

So, rather than leave laughter to chance, why don’t you in addition schedule “laughter days” where you can laugh your way to health and happiness allowing you to move and step above life’s turmoil’s, to create the life you deserve.

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In a recent study by a University in California, a review was carried out on the effects of laughter on the human immune system. The study concluded that laughter lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, boosts the immune system, triggers the body’s natural defences against pain and produces a general sense of well-being.

In addition to body health and well-being, laughter also has the added benefit of binding people together, so improves social interaction, enhances teamwork, helps defuse conflict, strengthens relationships and would generally attract others closer to you.

You’ll notice that in most cases when you smile at someone they would normally smile back, so it’s reciprocal and induces positive energy sources.

Now, how do you practice and schedule laughter on a regular basis?

Here’s how to rekindle laughter into your life on a regular basis as and when it suits you, to bring in a touch of joy and fulfilment into your day’s activities and your life.

Past funny events

Before you start this, it may be best to choose a quiet location, where you will not be disturbed. This will allow you to bask in the pool of laughter to your heart’s content.

Now, one of the best ways to create laughter that originates from deep within you is to rekindle past funny moments and actually associate within it. So for example, you remember a time in the past when you were bursting with laughter.

To start your laughter sessions, first of all you need to relax, just give yourself a few minutes to be calm. Now, recall the event, then associate yourself once again in it by carefully going back in time and remembering how it started and where it started.

Okay, as you work up your energy in recalling this funny memorable event, let yourself smile, then keep smiling, as you go deeper into the event start with a little laugh, and as you remember the height of the event, go on and laugh. Let yourself go, laugh for what you can see, hear, feel, smell or taste. Associate with this particular funny moment in your life and experience the feelings.

Just go on and keep laughing, feel the feelings that you can remember of the event and really fill yourself with this energy source. If you lie or sit down on a bed or a comfortable location, you may want to try waving your hands and feet as it suits you, it’s good for your health to just let go of all your care’s and concerns at this very moment, while you bask in the complete fulfilment of this laughter trail.

When you’re done, wipe your tears of joy [if any], all is well and go about your day, feeling refreshed with a new bust of energy.

Other sources of laughter include:

Your favourite comic characters, you can dress up and act a funny character that you like. This is fun if you have children, because they too can join in the fun. You can keep a regular book of laughter events and every now and again you can use this as a memory jogger for your laughter days.

You’ll see that as you practice “laughter” on a regular scheduled basis, you’ll ease stress, anxiety, tension and release more joy and happiness which is the platform for tapping into your Unlimited Resources for Lifestyle Growth.

Stephen King once said, “You can’t deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favourite chair and stays as long as it wants”, and one known Irish quote also reads that “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book”.

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