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Sony NV U83T GPS Navigation System


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The Sony NV U83T GPS Navigation System features bluetooth wireless technology and has some other great features and benefits to boast about as well. The bluetooth handsfree technology lets you focus on the road and not on your phone. You can make and receive calls while on the move by pairing your satellite navigation system to the bluetooth enabled phone.

To make your way home or anywhere without getting lost, it also supplies a 4.8 inch LCD with preloaded maps of the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. It’s dual view capability not only displays dynamic route information, but also a conventional map view. It’s Position Plus feature will also keep you on the go no matter what interference your system may encounter. Position Plus will use multiple sensors which monitor your position in relation to the map even when passing through tunnels, to help you avoid losing your way. The Sony NV U83T GPS Navigation System also comes with TTS, or text to speech technology, which enables you to follow directions by street names which are given to you by spoken commands.

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The system also features Gesture Command. With this technology you don’t need to page through numerous menu screens. Simply use on-screen finger movements for commands such as “take me home” and your task will be accomplished. No need to page around looking for things, just simply touch and go. Access to the RDS-TMC Traffic messaging channel is another feature not to be overlooked. This will keep track of traffic conditions relevant to your destination and will be able to re-route you around any problems so that you can avoid any trouble spots.

Want quick and easy set up that is also secure and stable? The Super Suction Cup Mount on the Sony NV U83T GPS Navigation System means easy mounting of your GPS system to either your windshield, dashboard, or console without the worry of it falling. This also means easy removal when you want to take it with down and take it with you.

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