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A roof is far more complex than it may look from the street and as such there are a number of areas that can and do cause problems and require roof repairs in PG County. Some of these recurring problems can be repaired by the homeowner but as many people are uncomfortable working at heights, the best solution is to hire a professional roofing contractor.


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The fascia is the vertical band of material, often wood, that runs horizontally under the edge of the roof. The purpose of the fascia is to cover the ends of the structural roof members and by doing so, keep water out. The fascia is the surface which carries the guttering so it can easily be subjected to excessive moisture which is the number one reason why fascias deteriorate. Look for any signs of rotting or excessive deterioration and contact a company that does roof repair in PG County as soon as you spot something that may be an issue.


The soffit of the roofing system is the exposed surface which runs beneath the roof overhang; it is the wood which covers the rafters that form the eave. The soffit has ventilation grills which allow for proper ventilation of the home, it plays an important part of ventilating the attic and from stopping the possibility of rot setting into the rafters. Look for any sign of rot or any evidence of holes as this can be the point which allows insects and vermin into the house.


The gutters are an extremely important part of a roofing system, they keep water away from the foundation of the structure, protecting the structural integrity and stopping leaks through the basement walls. The big problem with gutters is when they become clogged with leaves and other air borne litter. Once they are plugged, the water can overflow and affect the foundations and it can back up, getting under the shingles and causing a leak inside the roof. It is possible to repair any small holes that eventually form in the gutter with caulking material but most people avoid the problem by installing gutter guards which helps keep them free from debris. If you see that your gutters are sagging, it is best to call a professional contractor who deals with roof repair in PG County.

Notre Dame Football Tickets – Best Five Games to See Live by Brent WarnkenFighting Irish football fans have reason to be excited. Last year Notre Dame achieved a winning season, thanks to a bowl game blowout win over Hawaii. They’ve had all summer to think about Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate tearing apart the Hawaii secondary. The Irish return the vast majority of their offense, and their defensive pass rush ought to benefit from returning veterans, as well. Notre Dame has made several sports media outlet top 25 lists. The schedule looks promising, and it was recently announced that the Irish will renew their rivalry with Army at Yankee Stadium the year after next, putting Notre Dame in the spotlight during the heart of baseball season. If you’re thinking about getting Notre Dame Fighting Irish football tickets online, this is the year to do it. Here are the best games for which you ought to get tickets: Notre Dame vs. Nevada @ Notre Dame – The Irish will begin their quest for a BCS Bowl game with their home opener against Nevada on the 5th of September, 2009. Home openers are always a riot for fans in attendance and this one should be no different. In fact, the stands should be even louder than usual thanks to the optimism this team has coming into the season, as well as the fact that the matchup should provide an easy win. While the Wolfpack did get to a postseason game and finish with the same record (7-6) as the Domers, UND returns much of the heavy lifters from last year, whereas the Wolfpack lost many key players. Notre Dame vs. Michigan @ Michigan – The Notre Dame-Michigan rivalry is renewed this season at the home of the Wolverines, Michigan Stadium, one of the largest stadiums in the game. While the Wolverines had a rough season last year, finishing 3-9, they do have some reasons for hope in returning starters and exciting recruits. This should end in a Notre Dame victory, but the game will likely not be a blowout. Isn’t it nice seeing Notre Dame win on the road? And the travel time is much shorter than the trip out to Stanford later in the season. Notre Dame vs. Southern California @ Notre Dame – If you really want to see a game where Notre Dame wins, this one is not for you. The Trojans of USC are widely considered a top five team in the nation this year, and they are going to be heavy favorites to beat Notre Dame. However, this would be a triumphant, incredible game to witness if the Domers were able to pull off an upset. Notre Dame vs. Washington State @ The Alamodome – As far as traveling to see the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, this is an interesting one to attend. You’ll see the Irish in a venue that’s indoors, and they’ll play a team they don’t get to face all that often- the Cougars of WSU. There is not a lot of history here, but it’s a great chance for fans to experience another city and another opponent. Notre Dame vs. Stanford @ Stanford – The Irish are rivals with Stanford, and both of these teams see themselves as working their way out of cold streaks. Many people think that the Irish will have a shot at a BCS Bowl game at this point in the year, so there could be a lot at stake. It might also be a good idea to take a tour of the Bay Area while you’re out on the West Coast.The preceding article was written by Brent Warnken and sponsored by one of the most popular places to get sold out tickets, If you are looking for, or sports tickets and theater tickets, StubHub is your best bet.Article Source:

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Submitted by: Ty Cohen

Who Else Wants to Sky Rocket Their CD Sales, Fan base and Indie Music Career?

If YOU Answered YES, Then Start An Online NewsletterIts Easy, Heres How!

Ive always praised the benefits of using a newsletter to promote your music, but this article give a bit more detail into how to go about it.

First, there are tons of different providers out there that can send out your email newsletter. Some are expensive while other like allow you to make one free if you sell products through them. Although this isnt EVERYTHING you could do it is a good starting place.

Define the letter is it going to be strictly about your band or other acts in your genre? You might be able to pick up other readers/listeners who werent aware of your music, but know other acts if you go broader.

Develop a schedule. Are you going to do it daily, weekly, monthly? Whatever you choose does not matter. The most important part is to stick to it, once people get to reading and enjoying your newsletter, theyll expect to receive it on time, all the time.

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How much content will it contain?

Are you going to have one page or six pages? Try to make the content the same size each issue.

K.I.S.S Yet again, keep it simple stupid. That means staying on topic and writing in a tone that is both understandable and friendly.

Ask for reader feedback. Perhaps someone might have an idea for a new feature or they may have a hot news tip. Always answer your readers requests and emails regardless of if you use their idea or not.

Keep copy short and in the active voice. Avoid passive words if you can and give your articles some kick. Youre writing for people, not Harvard educators so keep your tone to one that people will enjoy looking at each week.

Extra set of eyes. Always have an extra set of eyes look over everything you send out. Even with our newsletter and sites,



we always have someone look the pages over for typos, spelling, grammar, etc. You want to inform people, but you also want to come off as intelligent when you do it.

A newsletter is not a difficult feat, in fact you can easily get started in an afternoon. If you lack the time and skills then hire someone to do the task or see that your manager and/or promoter informs your followers of all the news they need to know.

About the Author: This article was written by Ty Cohen, the music industry’s most recognizable voice!Ty is the C.E.O of Platinum Millennium Publishing, Platinum Millennium Records as well as owner of



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