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November 1, 2017

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Louie Jane M. Caturza

Bartenders are found in bars, pubs, taverns and nightclubs. They mixes and serves drinks which majority of drinks they make contain alcohol such as beer, wine, liquor, coolers and cocktails. In short, a bartender is someone who serve beverages behind a licensed bar to paying customers.

Well, most discerning drinkers may know what is mojitos from their margaritas but does not know how to make them at home. On the other hand, cocktails have moved beyond pina coladas with an umbrella and glace cherry garnish. More and more people are trying to know how to mix favorite cocktails at home in order to save money in their pockets.

When hosting a party it is advantageous if one knows how to make a variety of cocktails. For a good host, it raises a party to a different sophistication level. Yet not everyone knows how to go about it. However, if you are eager to learn how to make cocktails, there are bar courses offered.

In Geelong, there is an extensive provider of bar and cocktail training. Learning the art of bartending is just easy to master and full of fun when you are with fellow trainees and friends. They cater for both small and large groups of people in a most interactive, fun and friendly social session.

At Cloud 9 Bar and Lounge – Bar Courses Geelong, Bar Course is completely designed to provide you with skills and knowledge you need to work in a fast-paced bar environment. Development of practical skills during the course is one of their goals during the learning session.

Services offered by Cloud 9 Bar and Lounge – Bar Courses Geelong ranges from making cocktails, clean and tidy bar areas, operate a bar, process financial transactions and workplace hygiene procedures. So if you are interested to learn bartending and cocktail courses look for a training that gives you the complete experience you love.

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Bar Courses Geelong