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Submitted by: Kishor Harale

Before we delve into the depth of orthodontic treatments, it is important to understand that the science of orthodontics is in no way nascent. A lot of people assume that orthodontics or the treatment where the patient is made to wear braces is a recent inclusion in medical science. However, this is not true. We have a history that dates back to more than a hundred years and traces records of successful usage of orthodontic methods to repair dental structures. Dr. Vijay Deshmukh & Team at Smilex dental clinic in Pune specialise in offering orthodontic treatments to the residents of Pune. These treatments are not random. In fact, it is the well planned approach by the Smilex team that sets it apart from the other dental clinics in the region.

However, there is a lot of detail about orthodontic treatments that is not known to the patients and it is this lack of awareness that makes it difficult for the patients to take the right decision. So, lets start with the myths about orthodontic treatments. With each myth, we will also bring to you a clarification about what the actual truth of the matter is from the expert team of doctors at Smilex, the best orthodontic in Pune.

Myth no. 1

My child is too young for orthodontic treatments

The origin of this myth lies in the fact that dental care for children is one of the last priorities for parents simply because unlike other bodily problems, toothache and other symptoms take time to have a noticeable impact on your childs day to day life. However, this is wrong and dental care should be given its due priority. As one of the doctors at Smilex puts it, In case of children, we always advise parents to opt for orthodontic treatment as early as possible. This is because when a child is young, his or her dental structure is less exposed and of course more malleable.

Myth no. 2

This will be painful for my child.

First things first, it is important for the parent to understand that orthodontics is a treatment that will help their child have that perfect smile for a great personality. A little bit of pain or discomfort is normal. However, doctors at Smilex say that their treatments are optimised in order to guarantee the least possible discomfort for the Orthodontic Treatment: Shattering The Mythspatient. The doctors here do the counselling and the consoling to ensure that the patients are well looked after.

Myth no. 3

This is not effective

Who said so? Orthodontics has been evolving constantly and happens to be one of the most demanded services in the domain of dentistry. Ask yourself a simple question, had the service been so ineffective, why would people demand it in such abundance?

Myth no. 4

It is embarrassing

Gone are the days when people had to rely on big and painful braces for the treatment. Now the modern options are more trendy and infact, they blend so well that more often than not, people will not even be able to point out that you are wearing braces.

Myth no 5

Its too expensive

Walk into Smilex, the doctors here offer a series of treatment options and that too within affordable price range.

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