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Submitted by: Audrey C. Tan

For new students who have just started with their guitar classes, there are a lot of challenges that could hold them back from fully learning the guitar. Many of these students think that the issues or challenges they face are unique for them and will totally prevent them from learning the guitar. As a beginner, you have to realize that other neophytes in guitar-playing may be experiencing the exact same problems you are having.

Insufficient Time for Practice

One of the common problems guitar students experience is the lack of time for practice. A lot of students, no matter what their level is, do not prioritize personal practice. However, guitar teachers recognize the importance of practicing the guitar for a student to excel in his goal. One cannot learn and master a new skill in one class. On the other hand, practicing on your own will help a lot in memorizing chords and developing hand skills.

Many students think that they have to allot a few hours a day for their guitar practice, but on the contrary, your teacher will not advice you to do it. It is difficult to maintain a regular practice of at least an hour a day. Thirty minutes or shorter is fine as long as you do it on a regular basis. Just be resourceful and creative to find time for your practice. You can strum the new chords that you are learning during lunch break in the office or while watching TV at home.

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Moreover, if you are serious in learning the guitar, you should spend some time for practice. You can wake up a bit earlier every morning or stay up a little later to work out your fingers with your guitar strings.

Rigid Fingers

Rigid fingers will make it difficult for you to move from one string to another. Likewise, it will be difficult to press on chords with non-adjacent frets. It is normal for a beginner to have difficulty pressing frets to play a chord. To overcome such problem there is no other way but to continually practice your guitar.

Guitar teachers will automatically teach the easiest chords first. What you have to do is play constantly the new chords you learn to familiarize your fingers with the right positions. There are also different finger exercises and warm-ups that you could perform to make your fingers more flexible and responsive to shift in positions. You will learn this is guitar lessons.

Playing Out of Rhythm

When you learn to play your first song, you tend to play the chords too fast and eventually get tired and out of rhythm. When you play this way, you will get frustrated in the end because you start out with fast rhythm then lose momentum in the end. Moreover, this will make you sound differently from what you are supposed to play.

The key is to start playing chords more slowly. Familiarize yourself first with the songs you have learned from your guitar classes before you start playing at a normal pace. You can also use a metronome to determine the rhythm of the song you are playing.

About the Author: Audrey Tan is a music instructor in Singapore who loves to share her extensive knowledge of music and the art of performing to her students and blog readers. Visit her site at

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