Basic Details About Cosmetic Surgery

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Basic Details About Cosmetic Surgery


Adriana Noton

Cosmetic surgery is focused on enhancing the appearance of the face or body through medical procedures. It is considered an elective procedure. This is because it is used to treat areas that function correctly but may lack in aesthetic appeal. There are a variety of procedures that fall under the cosmetic category. They may be surgical or non surgical.


This type of surgery is different from plastic surgery. The two are often, and incorrectly, used interchangeable. Plastic surgery is focused on reconstruction. Those who have this done are looking to improve the function, and sometimes appearance, of an area of the body that may have been affected by trauma, disease, burns or similar health conditions. Women are common patients for cosmetic modifications. There are so many procedures offered that target nearly every part of the body. Still, some surgeries are more common than others. Many women desire a change in their breasts and so breast augmentation, lift and reduction are common procedures. Older women often elect to have face and neck lifts to improve their youthfulness. Liposuction is also popular and can be done on various areas on the body. Men do not undergo cosmetic surgery as often as women, but there have been a growing number of men deciding to have these procedures. Balding is more common in men than women so hair transplantations are a popular procedure for men. Males who have trouble developing their leg muscles may opt for a calf lift or implant. Most individuals of this gender focus on facial procedures that improve the look and feel of the skin, such as collagen, injectable fillers, dermabrasion, fat injections and chemical peels. There are non-surgical cosmetic options available as well. Keep in mind that risks are involved. There are some perks to these non-invasive practices. They are typically less expensive than surgery and involve a shorter recovery time. Still, research your doctor and the process. A crucial point in planning for a cosmetic procedure is choosing a surgeon. It is essential that you do research before choosing. The doctor should have credentials. If necessary, verify his or her medical license and certification. As a patient, you should be comfortable with the qualifications of your surgeon. Experience is important as well. Ask your surgeon about his or her education and training. Look at their portfolio of before and after photos, but keep in mind that results will vary with person. Most importantly, ask questions and voice your concerns. No question or concern is insignificant. Cost will vary depending upon a variety of factors. Some things that can play a role: procedure, doctor and insurance. Because most cosmetic surgeries are considered elective, an insurance company may not cover any of the medical expenses. Most doctors will work out a payment plan. Every type of surgery and medical procedure carries its risks. Side effects and complications will differ by procedure, so talk to your physician and do your own research to see what recovery obstacles you might face. Pain is to be expected during recovery. Infection is a common risk and if untreated, can lead to more serious health problems. There is always the chance that a patient may not be pleased with the results. Consulting with your doctor about your desires beforehand can be beneficial.

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