Are Health Insurance Companies To Blame For The High Cost Of Health Care?

Very often it is the health insurance companies who take the blame for the excessive medical costs in the United States. They are often looked at as if they are piranhas and that they are deliberately raising health insurance premiums to a point that many people can not afford a health insurance policy.More realistically, doctor rates, hospital charges, equipment and other related expenses are actually driving the prices up for procedures, visits, prescriptions and treatments. This cost, in turn, is delivered to you, the patient. It is easy to see the organization of health care in this part of the world needs help. Furthermore, these costs are passed on to the insurance companies and then on to you. It is because of the transfer of cost through this health program structure many people cannot afford physicals, checkups, or other care.Of course the insurance companies do get to cut down medical expenses to the reasonable and customary level so you may be thinking that increased health care costs really aren’t affecting them, but this is not the case. As a matter of fact, it is the increasing cost of medical treatments that is driving up the cost of our health insurance premiums. Even the terms reasonable and customary will only keep your medical bills down so far because they are basically an average of what doctors are charging for this service and that amount keeps going up by the medical profession as a way to get paid the reasonable and customary amount they want to receive.It is a price fixing game and one that has health insurance companies and the public struggling to keep up. It is easy to see how quickly the bills add up if you have ever had even a one night stay in a hospital. It almost seems as if you are given round the clock care by 10 or more health care professionals, each with their own bill. Heck, if you are in the hospital you are charged for everything.And to that effect many people are also overcharged for these visits.Conclusively, it is what the provider charges and not the insurance that can be blamed for mammoth health care premiums. We should insist that practitioners, doctors, nurses and even administration take accountability to initiate real change when it comes to health care in the United States of America.