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New UN Secretary General assumes post
November 22, 2017

Monday, January 1, 2007

Ban Ki-moon, South Korean foreign minister, officially assumed his post as United Nations Secretary-General today.

Ban, the eighth UN Secretary-General, is also the first Asian to serve in this office in 35 years.

Ban, 62, grew up on the Korean peninsula in the midst of the Korean War that divided the region. He promises to bring peace to the North Korean nuclear conflict.

Along with North Korea, Ban faces a litany of difficult issues including the genocide in Darfur, tensions in the Middle East, an international campaign against AIDS and poverty in line with his predecessor Kofi Annan’s Millennium Goals, a push to increase the size of the Security Council, and calls for ethics reform within the United Nations.

In his inaugural address, Ban said, “My first priority will be to restore trust.”

“The United States will rely on his leadership to help steer the UN organization through the reforms already underway,” said White House spokesman Scott Stanzel on Sunday, “and to propel it even further on the path of reform.”

Ban will temporarily reside in a hotel in New York City until renovations on his official residence are completed as part of a modernization plan approved by the UN General Assembly.

US automakers GM and Chrysler seek more government aid
November 21, 2017

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The United States auto manufacturer Chrysler, which has been badly affected by the ongoing recession, has asked the US government for an additional US$5 billion in aid on top of the four billion it has already received, saying that it plans to fire three thousand employees. At the end of last year, the auto maker had just over 54,000 employees, meaning that the layoffs will equal about six percent of its total workforce.

In addition, Chrysler will cut the Chrysler Aspen, PT Cruiser, and Durango from production.

Another automaker, General Motors (GM), announced that it seeks $16.6 billion in loans from the government, in addition to the $13.4 billion that it has already received. GM plans to lay off 47,000 employees and close five factories. GM says that it might need as much as $30 billion from the US Treasury Department, an increase over their previous estimate of $18 billion. The company has warned that it might run out of money by March if more aid was not given.

Rick Wagoner, GM’s chief executive, described the firm’s plan as “comprehensive, responsive, achievable, and flexible”. “We have a lot of work in front of us, but I am confident it will result in a profitable General Motors,” he said, adding that “today’s plan is significantly more aggressive because it has to be.” GM says that it could be profitable in two years’ time, and might be able to repay all its loans by 2017.

Should the car companies be bailed out again?
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A third US car manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, has said that it can make it through this year without any government aid.

The US Treasury Department will review the car makers’ survival plans for several weeks before a decision is made on whether or not to extend the loans. That decision is due by the end of next month.

28-year-old suspect charged for attacking Borussia Dortmund’s team bus
November 20, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A 28-year-old suspect, Sergej W, was arrested by German police near Tübingen yesterday for allegedly attacking the German football club Borussia Dortmund’s team bus, injuring two people last week prior to the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, the German federal prosecution said.

The suspect, who holds a dual citizenship of Germany and Russia, was allegedly trying to bring down Borussia Dortmund’s share value in the stock market. Sergej W bought 15000 puts for stock worth €78000 (£65300) on April 11 — the day Borussia Dortmund’s bus was attacked. A put guarantees that a share holder can sell their stock, no later than a predetermined point in time, at a predetermined price even if the market price of the stock has dropped. The suspect booked a room in the hotel L’Arriveé from April 9 to 13, and then from April 16 to 20 — the time when Champion League’s first and second leg of the quarterfinals were to be played. Dortmund’s team commonly stays at L’Arriveé when playing home matches.

Borussia Dortmund is the only German club whose shares are publicly traded on the stock market. The incident resulted in two casualties. Spanish defender Marc Bartra and a police official were injured, and the stocks fell slightly. The prosecutor said if the explosions had caused serious injured or death of any players, the suspect might have made a huge profit. The suspect is charged for attempted murder and causing serious physical injury.

On April 11, Borussia Dortmund were to play AS Monaco at the Signal Iduna Park. The match was rescheduled due the attack for April 12. On the latter day, a 25-year-old Iraqi migrant was detained. A number of letters claiming responsibility were found near the site of explosion, about six miles from the stadium. Those letters reportedly hinted the explosions were authorised under the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, but were deemed fake after careful analysis.

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68 pieces of luggage found behind Texas pet store

68 pieces of luggage found behind Texas pet store
November 20, 2017

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

At least 68 different pieces of luggage has been found behind a pet store inside a garbage dumpster in Houston, Texas. The luggage came from several different international flights and authorities do not know how they got there or if the contents of the luggage have been stolen.

“We’re going to be investigating and the authorities are going to be investigating,” said spokeswoman for Continental Airlines, Mary Clark. All luggage was handed over to Continental Airlines.

The luggage is reported to have been sifted through, and most pieces have come from all over the world. The luggage is reported to have come from Bush Intercontinental Airport. Some pieces of the luggage have name tags and Clark states that “we’re trying to reach whoever we need to let them know the bags are there.”

Officers with the Houston Police Department are in charge of the investigation. The luggage was found by individuals who own the pet store.

The FBI has stated that the bags do not pose any danger.

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‘Astonishing’ figures show 800 Scottish NHS staff earning over £140,000

‘Astonishing’ figures show 800 Scottish NHS staff earning over £140,000
November 20, 2017

Sunday, November 28, 2010

In tough financial times we need to make sure that our focus is on patient care and every penny is spent in the most efficient way.

Over 800 National Health Service staff in Scotland are earning more than £140,000 each year—more than First Minister Alex Salmond. New figures also reveal that 3,000 NHS workers are earning over £100,000. One NHS board alone, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, employs 893 staff earning more than £100,000, and 181 being paid over £140,000.

Jackie Baillie, health spokeswoman for the Labour Party, which uncovered the figures, said they were “astonishing”, and urged health boards to examine if savings can be made by reducing salaries of top earners. “This is a far better option than cutting frontline staff like nurses and midwives. In tough financial times we need to make sure that our focus is on patient care and every penny is spent in the most efficient way.” She further said: “In the current economic climate, it is impossible to justify huge salaries for consultants and senior executives when health boards are planning 4000 job losses this year, including 1500 nurses and midwives.”

Britain’s largest health service industrial union, Unison, questioned the amount of money the NHS was paying. A spokesperson said: “Unison doesn’t begrudge anybody the rate of pay for the job but obviously our membership will be concerned that while they are to face a pay freeze and people delivering frontline services are losing their jobs, there is a cohort of folk who appear to earn more than the most senior politician in the land.”

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Final US manufacturer ceases production of lethal injection drug; executions delayed

Final US manufacturer ceases production of lethal injection drug; executions delayed
November 20, 2017

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The sole United States manufacturer of a key component of lethal injections announced Friday that it will cease production of the drug, contributing to shortages and delaying executions.

Sodium thiopental, the first of a three drug cocktail used in 34 states to render the prisoner to be executed unconscious, was manufactured in Italy until Italian authorities stated that they would only license the manufacture if it was used for medical purposes and not, crucially, for executions.

In a statement, the company, Hospira, said that they have never condoned the use of their drug, marketed as ‘Pentothal’, in executions, and that they could not “prevent the drug from being diverted to departments of corrections for use in capital punishment procedures”.

The move means that the United States is without a viable supplier for sodium thiopental. Although many European countries manufacture the drug, which is primarily used in Europe as an anæsthetic, no manufacturer has been found that is willing to supply it for use in conjunction with the death penalty, the abolition of which has been lobbied by the EU since 2008.

The shortage means that executions in California and Oklahoma have been delayed, with Texas’ last remaining stocks of the drug due to expire in March, weeks before two scheduled executions. These delays are likely to be prolonged as the legal process of drawing up new drugs to be used for injections is lengthy. Pentobarbital, an alternative which used at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland, is used for lethal injections in Oregon, and has started to be used by Oklahoma.

Hospira’s decision caused mixed reactions throughout the medical community, with the American Society of Anesthesiologists stating Monday that sodium thiopental is an “important and medically necessary anesthetic agent” that is a “first-line anesthetic in many cases”, citing geriatric and cardiovascular conditions, among others. It said that, although they disagree with the death penalty, “we also do not condone using the issue as the basis to place undue burdens on the distribution of this critical drug to the United States. It is an unfortunate irony that many more lives will be lost or put in jeopardy as a result of not having the drug available for its legitimate medical use.”

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November 20, 2017


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ROV detects leaks in Deepwater Horizon well cap

ROV detects leaks in Deepwater Horizon well cap
November 20, 2017

Monday, July 19, 2010

As many as four leaks have been detected in the Deepwater Horizon well cap in the Gulf of Mexico, according to live footage shot by one of BP’s ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles). The leaks were detected early this morning, just after 4:00 (EDT).

The HOS SUPER H ROV 1 made the discovery while performing an “integrity survey” of the well and well cap. It recorded what appears to be a thin metal pipe lining the outside of the oil cap. Four small leaks of what appear to oil bubbles were detected during this survey. The first appears just after the elbow connecting the pipe to the two green pipes. The second can be seen through the hole of the large metal ring. The third is seen just to the right of the metal ring.

It is not yet known what the pipe carries or what it connects to. It is also not yet clear if all leaks are from the pipe, or leaking from the well. BP confirmed the leaks and told Wikinews in a phone call to their Houston, Texas press office, there is a “small leak” releasing hydrates consisting of gases and oil. They are “studying the issue” and are prepared to fix the pipe if it becomes an issue. Live camera feeds show hydrocarbons building up as the oil and gas leak from the pipe.

On July 18, ROV cameras showed bubbles coming from the base of well. BP said it would test the bubbles to determine what they are and as of Sunday, COO of BP Doug Suttles says the bubbles are not methane, but further tests are being conducted. “If you can imagine, it is not an easy operation to collect those bubbles so that they can be tested to see what their make-up is.”

Yesterday an unnamed United States official told the Associated Press that there was “seepage” coming from the area at the bottom of the Deepwater well head. The official said the seepage and methane gas were discovered near the Deepwater well head, but did not specify an exact location. Admiral Thad Allen, a former US Coast Guard admiral who is overseeing the spill efforts for the US government said yesterday in a letter to BP that ROVs “detected seep a distance from the well and undetermined anomalies at the well head.” So far there is no word what those substances are, but BP says the bubbles detected on July 18 are not of a hydrocarbon nature.

“When seeps are detected, you are directed to marshal resources, quickly investigate, and report findings to the government in no more than four hours,” said Allen in his letter to BP. During a press conference today, Allen confirmed seepage about 3km from the well point. He could not specify whether the seep was related to the capping of the well or if it is naturally occurring.

On June 13 the Viking Poseidon ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) 1 recorded oil and methane seeping from the seafloor at around 2:48 a.m.. The ROV monitors the seep for a minute and even gets covered in a plume of oil and sand before it moved on to the next spot. Smaller eruptions were seen as the ROV traveled. After an investigation, Wikinews determined that the seepage was located just over 50 feet from the Deepwater leak point. BP has denied that any oil or methane gas is leaking from the sea floor. On July 16, Kent Wells, the senior vice president of the company, said on their official Twitter page that “4 ROVs using sonar scanning [are] looking for anomalies in seabed floor. No indications any oil or gas escaping.”

BP issued a press release earlier this morning, but did not state information regarding any leaks or seepage from the well. BP did say that the well cap “measured at approximately 6,792 pounds per square inch and continues to rise slowly.”

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill started on April 20 after an explosion on the rig. Efforts to put out the fire failed and the rig subsequently sank to the bottom of the Gulf. On April 22, an oil slick appeared on the surface of the Gulf. BP capped the leaking well on July 13 which effectively stopped oil from leaking into the Gulf. The company has been running a pressure integrity test on the 150,000 pound cap since it stopped the flow of oil. BP hopes for the well’s pressure to rise to or above 7,500 PSI. As of Saturday morning the well’s pressure was just above 6,700 PSI. BP fears anything lower than the expected PSI could mean a leak in the cap or elsewhere, such as oil or methane seeping up from the seafloor.

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The Argument For Reiki Healing}

November 20, 2017

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Submitted by: Emily Petreux

With the introspection of Reiki into a human life, the person gets to notice significant changes like the changing world that might have been so stressful for him may seem the best place for habituating. The world full of stress and tension may suddenly seem like a relaxing couch for his entire life. Life gets easier with balancing energies for healing.

This energy is positive and non-invasive. It works to promote better health and well-being. It focuses on the higher self while bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit.

With Reiki healing, there may be a Reiki guru that imparts the healing energy known as the “God Force”, which is a healing presence that is transferred in an energy form through touching with the hands. It is possible for you to heal yourself using these techniques so many people learn to master the healing techniques. This allows them to practice them on their own.

The energy of Reiki healing is loving and pure. Its only desire is to heal others. It heals on various emotional and conscious levels to promote wellness.

People often claim that they have certain health ailments that get easily cured up with Reiki; Reiki’s the only thing that restores the body to its original state. At times certain unknown events act as negative forces to block the normal persuasion of life. This can be negative energy, poor lifestyle with improper eating habits, unsuccessful relationships, or even a lack of self confidence to achieve cure from those ailments.

YouTube Preview Image

Experiencing Reiki healing can bring on fast responses when it involves the benefits of good health. Many people are able to recognize the physical influences of Reiki healing energy.

Besides they get to feel the relaxation as they get the understanding with time that this Reiki’s ultimately going to cure up the long term disease by reducing tension and stress. There shows up an increase in sleeping hours which was once called insomnia for him, pain gets released out, and blood pressure gets into control. With passage in time the healing process shows up to give a new bloom of energy and removal of ailments that they were plagued with.

This accounts for the energy exchange between individuals in partnership with a stress free feeling. When the body undergoes too much stress, it gets impossible for it to heal naturally. This negative aspect often brings in complication for Reiki healing to be associated with that person and incorporate its principles.

The advantage that it reduces stress is not only the thing that people rely upon, but there are several other reasons why people gets to heal out from long day incurable disease within few days through Reiki. This claim may be associated with the full cascade of energy that Reiki brings along with it for contributing to the healing process. It has extreme capabilities to turn pessimistic thoughts into optimistic. It’s a guarantee from the Reiki therapists that the patient in no time gets to notice the signs of changes from negative to positive.

A regular Reiki healing experience will include a relaxing environment that encourages optimal relaxation. Soft music and pleasant smells might be incorporated as part of the relaxation process. An open mind is another essential part of the healing process.

Modern medicine and natural healing have become friends and you can use them together to enhance any form of healing. You can still use your traditional forms of medicine while using Reiki healing experiences.

The calming effects of Reiki healing are even being practiced on animals because it has been found to offer remarkable benefits. This is noteworthy to think about because humans aren’t the only ones this peaceful healing practice can help.

The most important factor before putting steps forth in this theory is to recognize the traditionalism of this process. It’s not a new age concept but it’s going around for centuries. People approaching Reiki should embrace it with open mind and soul. Bringing negative thoughts and resistances only inhibits the process and slows down its smoothness.

So its very necessary that as one starts to look out for someone skilled in this field he or she needs to make sure that the person with whom he is undertaking the therapy is an experienced technician. While this process’s simplicity makes it very special and thus can be pursued by anyone who desires it in his clasps, but make sure you get a technician for proper guidance and maximum results.

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How To Schedule The Awesome Power Of Laughter}

November 19, 2017

How to Schedule the Awesome Power of Laughter


Joy Obihara

Did you know that you can schedule in laughter as part of your daily living?

From early times, laughter has always been part of human nature, practiced as a way of experiencing happiness, Joy, inner relief from stress and strain, relief from anxiety and so on.

It’s fair to say that due to Morden hectic schedule, some people don’t even have the time to relax and unwind, let alone having time to think of scheduling pure laughter as part of their daily living.

When you understand the sheer benefits, you can gradually learn to dedicate just a few minutes on a regular basis for laughter. For example you may practice scheduled laughter from just five to fifteen minutes daily or as it suits you.

Laughter can help you immensely as part of a healthy living and well-being, and will add to your experience of a joyous lifestyle when scheduled to suit your desires.

So, rather than leave laughter to chance, why don’t you in addition schedule “laughter days” where you can laugh your way to health and happiness allowing you to move and step above life’s turmoil’s, to create the life you deserve.

YouTube Preview Image

In a recent study by a University in California, a review was carried out on the effects of laughter on the human immune system. The study concluded that laughter lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, boosts the immune system, triggers the body’s natural defences against pain and produces a general sense of well-being.

In addition to body health and well-being, laughter also has the added benefit of binding people together, so improves social interaction, enhances teamwork, helps defuse conflict, strengthens relationships and would generally attract others closer to you.

You’ll notice that in most cases when you smile at someone they would normally smile back, so it’s reciprocal and induces positive energy sources.

Now, how do you practice and schedule laughter on a regular basis?

Here’s how to rekindle laughter into your life on a regular basis as and when it suits you, to bring in a touch of joy and fulfilment into your day’s activities and your life.

Past funny events

Before you start this, it may be best to choose a quiet location, where you will not be disturbed. This will allow you to bask in the pool of laughter to your heart’s content.

Now, one of the best ways to create laughter that originates from deep within you is to rekindle past funny moments and actually associate within it. So for example, you remember a time in the past when you were bursting with laughter.

To start your laughter sessions, first of all you need to relax, just give yourself a few minutes to be calm. Now, recall the event, then associate yourself once again in it by carefully going back in time and remembering how it started and where it started.

Okay, as you work up your energy in recalling this funny memorable event, let yourself smile, then keep smiling, as you go deeper into the event start with a little laugh, and as you remember the height of the event, go on and laugh. Let yourself go, laugh for what you can see, hear, feel, smell or taste. Associate with this particular funny moment in your life and experience the feelings.

Just go on and keep laughing, feel the feelings that you can remember of the event and really fill yourself with this energy source. If you lie or sit down on a bed or a comfortable location, you may want to try waving your hands and feet as it suits you, it’s good for your health to just let go of all your care’s and concerns at this very moment, while you bask in the complete fulfilment of this laughter trail.

When you’re done, wipe your tears of joy [if any], all is well and go about your day, feeling refreshed with a new bust of energy.

Other sources of laughter include:

Your favourite comic characters, you can dress up and act a funny character that you like. This is fun if you have children, because they too can join in the fun. You can keep a regular book of laughter events and every now and again you can use this as a memory jogger for your laughter days.

You’ll see that as you practice “laughter” on a regular scheduled basis, you’ll ease stress, anxiety, tension and release more joy and happiness which is the platform for tapping into your Unlimited Resources for Lifestyle Growth.

Stephen King once said, “You can’t deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favourite chair and stays as long as it wants”, and one known Irish quote also reads that “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book”.

Joy Obihara is a Personal Development Practitioner helping people discover their unique Untapped Potential to create Lifestyle Freedom they desire. =>

Visit the Laughter Hut, Get “Winning Your Life Purpose” FREE Range of Resources at the above address and start creating your desires today.

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