When To Consult With A Business Law De Kalb Il Attorney


From time to time, all local businesses need to consult with a business law DeKalb IL attorney. Issues including employment, taxes, leases, vendor negotiations, debt settlements or collections, and partnership squabbles can be handled expertly by an experienced business attorney. Unfortunately, most small businesses wait until there is a crisis prior to developing a relationship with an attorney. These crises can adversely affect the bottom line of the business not only financially, but as a chief distraction to owners and managers. In DeKalb IL, there are several business law attorneys to choose from to help navigate your business’ legal challenges.

Debt Collection

If one of your clients owes you money from a past due bill and you have been unsuccessful in collecting, it is time to consult with a business law attorney in DeKalb. Often times, a strongly worded letter from your attorney can do the trick in receiving full payment or establishing an equitable payment plan. Small claims court, mediation, and arbitration can be used for smaller claims; however it is advised that you seek legal representation to help you secure the funds that are rightfully due to you.

Debt Consolidation

If your business is struggling to make ends meet and debt payments are paralyzing your business growth consultation with a business law attorney can help to ease your current financial situation. Today, many businesses and organizations are willing to negotiate debt consolidations to help you and your business thrive during this tough economic climate. A business law DeKalb IL attorney can help you navigate through the process of consolidating your debts and ensuring your business’ economic viability.


If you are in presently in a wage, benefit, or other dispute with a current or former employee, doesn’t delay in contacting an attorney. Employment laws vary greatly by state, and a local attorney in your area that has experience in business employment law must be your first call. Additionally, if is wise when setting up a business to consult with a business law attorney that will help you create the policies within your business and protect you from future employment challenges. An understanding of both state and federal labor laws is vital to your business’ long-term success.

It is recommended that small businesses establish a relationship with a business law attorney from the beginning. However, many wait until a crises drives them to find a qualified attorney. When selecting an attorney it is important to remember that this is a relationship that often times can last for months, or years. Good communication is essential to the effectiveness of the relationship. Ask friends, colleagues and your professional network for recommendations and research each fully. During your initial consultation, ask about billing practices, hourly rates, and additional fees.

The sooner you get the details out of the way, the sooner you will have legal representation. While you have many choices for business law attorneys, look for developing a relationship with one that has expertise, great communication skills, and fair rates.