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Good dental health is essential for a healthy lifestyle and overall good health. Poor dental health will also lead to overall poor general health. Routine dental checkup with an Encino dentist is an ideal way to maintain good dental health. It is very important that a general dentist look after your oral hygiene on a regular basis. Routine dental checkup by a dental surgeon ensures that you are free of dental diseases. These dental surgeons perform dental cleaning on a routine basis that plays a crucial role in preventing diseases of the teeth and gums. A dentist will provide you with useful instructions on how to prevent various dental diseases as part of routine dental care.

Encino dentist performs a thorough examination of your oral cavity on your routine visit to the office. There are dental conditions that cannot be detected by an oral examination alone. Your dentist will conduct x-rays if he senses any underlying problem with your teeth and gums. Routine dental checkup ensures that your dentist detect any dental diseases at the earliest stage of their development. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to dental conditions as well. It is easy to treat and rectify dental diseases in their nascent stages. It is only possible if you see your dental surgeon on a regular basis. Some of the dental conditions will cost you dear if you do not take measures to prevent them.


It is not uncommon to develop various teeth conditions these days with unhealthy eating habits. People neglect their teeth and pay for it in the long run. Tooth decay is one of the very common conditions found among people. Encino dentist recommends you the best and easiest practices to avoid tooth decay in first place. They will also offer you the best treatment, if you have already developed an unwanted condition like tooth decay. Tooth decay or dental caries occurs mainly due to negligence on the part of cleaning teeth coupled with eating foods that are acidic. Treatment methods used by Encino dentist to treat tooth decay include fluoride therapy and filling cavities. If a part of the tooth is lost due to the tooth decay, it may be restored using dental fillings. The dental surgeons may use porcelain and gold for dental fillings to restore the structure and functionality of your teeth. A general dental surgeon is capable enough to provide various dental restoration treatments like crowns and bridges.

You will need services of an Encino dentist for tooth extraction. Tooth that is decayed or damaged beyond repair warrants extraction or removal. Some other diseases of teeth may also warrant teeth extraction. Wisdom teeth have to be often extracted. A wisdom tooth that is impacted can cause a lot of problems. A general dentist is also capable of straightening teeth using such procedures as dental braces. It always pays to find a good dental office in your area and make it a point to see your dental surgeon on a routine basis. It is ideal to find a general dentist who is capable of treating most of the condition related to teeth. If you need the services of a specialist for procedures such as dental implants and oral maxillofacial services, you can ask your general dentist for references. They will know the best in the field.

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