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By Chris Malta & Robin Cowie

Storage unit companies regularly seize abandoned goods and auction them off in an effort to reclaim some of their lost profits. Many online retailers are cashing in, using these auctions as a product source for their e-businesses. According to enthusiast Blaine Herbst, founder of

, You can pick up an entire storage unit filled with things for a couple hundred bucks. Finding these auctions can be as easy as looking in the yellow pages under storage units and calling to see when they conduct their sales. Or check out


for information on local auction times.

What Questions Should I Ask?

Before you sign up for an auction, make sure youre aware of any costs, such as fees for attendance or cleaning deposits. Ask if there are buyers premiums usually about 5-10% of total price, that goes to the auctioneer so you can calculate that into your bid amount. Find out if their policy includes a Pending Owners Approval clause. This clause allows the facility owner to look at the winning bids and decide if he wants to sell at those prices

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the auction’s over. You dont want to waste your time with someone whos not serious about selling.

How Do I Know What Its Worth?

With most storage unit auctions, everything in the unit is sold off for one price. The door to the facility is opened and bidders can look in from outside but cant touch anything. Advises Herbst, There are some strategies you can use to try and gauge the contents.

Look at the area the auctions in

. People dont usually store things too far from their homes if the facilitys located in a high-end area, theres a good chance that the items being stored are high-end too.

Look for moving company boxes

, rather than boxes from various grocery stores. Moving companies are expensive, so that can be a clue that the previous owners may have had nice things.

If theres furniture, look to see the quality and the shape its in

. Bring a cordless spotlight to help you see into the back of the unit.

What Will I Need?

When you come to a storage unit auction, come prepared:

Bring cash because thats the only type of payment theyll accept.

Bring a truck, or a trailer and a vehicle with a hitch youll have to have everything cleared out that day.

Bring a lock to secure the unit in case you need to leave for lunch, or have to make more than one trip.

Bring a dolly, tarps, bungee cords, and blankets to wrap your purchases.

Bring gloves and a breathing mask. Sorting through everything can be a dusty task.

Bring your tax ID, if you have one; otherwise, youll pay taxes on your purchase.

The beauty of storage unit auctions is they let you buy items at a fraction of their value so you can charge competitive prices and still have plenty of room to make a profit.

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By Susan Hornby

Flock wallpaper is sometimes referred to as flocked wallpaper and offers a retro look. This type of wallpaper has experienced a resurgence in popularity over the last five years and provides a velvety, textured finished. This type of wallpaper has been around for centuries and as with many things come in and out of fashion.


Flock wallpaper gets its name from the process of flocking. This in its basic form is where fibres are applied to an adhesive coated surface. These fibres typically range from polyester to nylon. During the process of flocking the fibres are kept very short and tightly compact to help deliver that velvet effect. Ornate decorative patterns are usually used on flock wallpapers. This is because they help to make a grand statement and provide good contrast.

Brief History

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Flocking was based on an early 17th century technique and was designed to imitate velvet and textile wall coverings. The very first flock wallpapers used to be made using a wool by-product which was then applied to the wallpaper. The finish of these was pretty poor however in the 18th century further improvements were made as inspiration was being taken from Damask, Brocade and tapestries. By the 19th century flock wallpapers had fallen out of fashion yet only to return in early 2001.


Traditionally only the wealthy and aristocrats could afford such wallpaper. Today flock wallpaper is still seen as luxurious wallpaper but is affordable to most home owners. In the early days flock wallpapers came in large or small sizes. Today home owners have much more choice and can find patterns to fit with the size of their rooms. This is extremely important as older designs could at times be very overpowering.

Why is Flock Wallpaper so Popular?

As mentioned previously flock wallpaper is associated with luxury living and elegance. This type of wallpaper is very easy to apply and a much more viable option than bespoke textiles. Their renewed popularity means that choice is also aplenty and home owners can buy it at relatively low cost.

Is Flock Wallpaper only Available from Specialists?

Its growing popularity means that flock wallpaper can be bought in most DIY stores and from high street decorating shops. Choice on the high street can be limited however so the internet can be a great resource for finding and ordering flock wallpaper. If you are searching for flock wallpaper online you might want to consider searching for flock wall coverings as well. This is because the term wall covering is starting to replace the term wallpaper. This is because of the confusion between computer wallpapers.

Flock wallpapers fit can work well in almost any room in the house. Many use them for accent walls or in hallways and dining rooms. They can help make a real design statement and there texture and styles are both exciting and unusual. Designers are using them more and more and their popularity is set to continue to grow. If you do decide to use such wallpaper remember to take into consideration your rooms dimensions and existing decor.

About the Author: Susan Hornby – Interior design enthusiast who has a passion for

Flock wallpaper



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