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March 23, 2018

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Submitted by: Sylvia Nasser

As you can tell by the title, I was inspired by the movie The Black Swan. Now here comes the disclaimer I do not condone the intense and vigorous amounts of physicality of the workout, often, taken to an extreme obsession (we know anything that’s considered an extreme obsession is not good for your body), but I do admire and respect the level of commitment and hard work these athletes go through to make the actual dance seem so breezy

Ballerinas have often been thought of as artists, gracing the stage with their ability to tell a story through dance. However, ballerinas are also athletes, what with the amazing agility, power, strength, and endurance they need to get through each ballet routine while looking elegant at the same time. Achieving that ballerina body is not just limited to those in the world of ballet. As a matter of fact, ballet workouts have been readily available to the public for quite a number of years, both through video or actual classes.

If a lean dancer’s body that helps you stay strong and flexible is what you are after, there are several ballet workouts that you can try. You do not have to be a talented dancer nor is previous dance training required in order for you to engage in these amazing workouts since most of them have been modified to take into account non-dancers. Ballet workouts are in the spotlight more now than ever because of the recent win of a famous actress for her performance as a prima ballerina and the preparation she went through in order to embody how a ballerina looks and performs. Yes, Natalie Portman, we love you. Nowadays, any woman can have a long, lean, svelt, ballerina body.

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Classical ballet and the workouts based on and inspired by it are a great alternative for women who are sick and tired of going to the gym not getting the results that they want. Ballet does not concentrate on just the legs or the arms or the abs; it actually is a whole body routine that completely works out your muscles as well as other things like coordination, focus, and memory.

The routines that comprise ballet workouts have their foundation in the principles of ballet as an art form and as a discipline. This is why a disciplined individual is able to reap the benefits of routines like stretching, balancing, etc. It is always best to start and end the workout with stretching in order to make sure that the muscles are properly flexed and this can also help elongate the lines of one’s limbs. Several of the routines require you to be on your back or on your hands and your knees so getting yourself an exercise mat would be a good idea. Also, ballet studios have what is known as a barre and for workouts that will require one, a hand rail will suffice.

Barre workouts have become so popular, some are even offered at major gym faciltities.

Who is ready to show their Fit Fem ballerina side?

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By Syd Z. Nohcud

Golf’s popularity as a sport has more than mushroomed. Why has this come to pass? Is it because it is a day off from work? Is it because it is the sport of kings and the wealth? Is it because it is a good leisure activity? Is it because that it is a sport that can be very enjoyably watched on TV on the weekends. All of the above are true.

Golf is a sport that is played all year long, from the first week in January through to the second week in December. Golf on the television tune has grown proportionately from a few shows in the 1950’s to nonstop golf on TV and cable TV today even to standalone whole channels devoted solely to golf that are devoted to golf and golfing 24 hours a day.. ‘The Golf Channel’ or ‘Golf Channels’. There is even pay per view golfing channels.

The places that Television takes you during the golf and golfing year are a vacationer’s dream. Every Saturday and Sunday, you can do the couch thing and watch the various tours played from every corner of the globe. The golf is good, but the pictures and scenery are stunning. The viewing audience and the PGA Tour start to prepare themselves in the Florida swing for the first major tournament of the year in early April, when Augusta and the Masters Tournament are in full bloom. The Tour settles to normalcy for a while, and then the golf and golfing players start to prepare for the for the heat and the long rough of the U.S. open in mid June.

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The month of July is for the British Open and its storied past; plenty of plaid and windblown golf balls decorate the links and fairways. The last of the four majors, the professional golfers gear up to play is played in the month of August, as the fall season is on its way in the calendar year. These are the golf tournaments that all professional golfers gear up to play well to; they are the measure of a golf player’s worth and his quest. And they make for great viewing.

During the first part of the year, many celebrities play at the famous tournament held at Pebble Beach and the Bob Hope Classic. If viewing the stars is your thing, you can see these would be golfers hacking away at all their inhibitions during these Pro-Am tournaments. If Hollywood stars are not your idea of proper role models, for yourself or your children, maybe professional golfers can fill the void. You do not see much trash taking or foul play on the golf course. In fact golf may be the only game in which the players police themselves. Almost weekly there is an example of a player in the P.G.A, Tour penalizing himself for some inadvertent rules transgression.

This indeed is the beauty of the sport of golf and golfing. It is a clean enjoyable social game that can be played by yourself and friends during the season.

Off season you can watch golf – good golf in the privacy and luxury of your own living room. Year round. And nothing heats the scenery that you can watch on TV while watching the myriad of the professional golfing circuit.

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