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Give your Home a new Look with Cove Lighting


iDEAL LED PTY LTD Cove lighting can add elegance to any setting even an uninspiring room. It is a lighting technique that directs light towards the ceiling from one or more sides of the room so that illumination is diffused. Cove lighting causes ambient lighting or aesthetic lighting. It is used in ceiling valences, recesses, ledges and on high walls.This lighting is very popular in modern homes as it hides the fixtures and provides an effect that is dramatic. It can be directed towards the ceiling or down the wall providing a washing effect. Cove lighting can be found in commercial setting as well as in residential homes.Applications of Cove LightingChoosing the right cove lighting can enhance the look of a room. So it is advisable to choose the right lighting fixtures when your purchase. Many of these lighting options are direct and have to be properly placed. People who love a soft warm glow will definitely love cove lighting. In residential homes cove lighting is mostly used above cabinets in the kitchen.In cove lighting the fixtures are hidden and what counts is the way the light is spread on the ceiling or the walls. It can provide form and function. The aluminum casing of low profile works as a cove and the optics offer unplanned uniform lighting for corridor and office application. If there is a recess or cove present then asymmetric lighting solution with adjustable aiming can be used.Uses of Aluminum Profiles in LEDToday more and more LED lighting fixtures are used in industrial applications as well as in housing, manufacturing and distribution centers. The commercial LED applications which are used outdoors include bridge lighting, roadways, landscape lighting, streetscapes and sidewalks. LED lighting has also been used in commercial places indoors which include canopies and parking garages, bank offices, retail stores, exhibit halls, health care facilities, hospitals, libraries and a lot more.LED extrusions help in stable mounting. Aluminum profiles can be embedded in a floor to provide a unique architectural experience or can be used as down light. There is LED profile that is used in signage and wattages of medium application. It has high strength and is light weight. LED strips come with 3 year warranty and can be easily installed. It can be used in ceiling cove lighting, decorative lighting and under cabinet lighting.Slim Surface LED DownlightThere is slim surface LED downlight that is available which has a glare controlling lens for comfortable light distribution. It is a good alternative to fire-rated boxes and recessed housings with Air-Seal IC. It is the finest solution available with an integral driver for new construction.Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting where the lighting fixtures are concealed and the light is directed towards the ceiling. The final illumination is soft and diffused. It works well when placed behind valances or crown moldings. Slim Surface LED is a Surface Mounted Led Downlight of low profile which can be used on ceiling or wall mount. It has a thick luminaire of 0.625 which presents the appearance of recessed downlight. Choose the best design in LED lighting and enhance your home.

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