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Moms Need Me Time

March 14, 2018

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By Jennifer Houck

Moms are so busy with being a mom; they forget to take out time for themselves. Rest and Relaxation are two things for sure a mom needs to make sure they put into their daily schedule. This not only rejuvenates a mom, but also makes for a saner mom.

You know for yourself, if a mom is angry, upset, or tired, then the whole house is all in frenzy. Moms are for the most part in charge of making the house go smooth. We are either changing diapers, cooking meals, helping with homework, or spending mommy and me time with our children.

We are all about everyone else, so we must make sure to be all about us for at least 30 minutes a day.

What techniques can I do to help me give some me time?

1) Go in a quiet room and read a book or magazine.

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2) Late evening, take a quiet walk in your subdivision or neighborhood.

3) Relax in your bathtub with bubble bath and votive candles lit all around the bathtub or Jacuzzi tub.

4) Work on a hobby like sewing or scrap booking.

5) Go shopping for yourself or get a manicure/pedicure.

6) Sit out on your porch swing and just collect your thoughts for the day.

7) Watch a favorite sitcom or movie on TV after the kids go to bed.

8) Call up a friend and have a nice adult conversation without kids interrupting you.

9) Write in a journal to get thoughts off your mind and clear your head for the next day.

10) Divulge in your favorite food and not feel guilty about it.

These are just some ideas to get you started on making it routine to take out some time for yourself each and everyday. You will realize how less stressful each day is. Also you are doing something for yourself and not for everybody else.

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Large Wall Art Decor Ideas

February 25, 2018

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By Alyssa Davis

A room’s, house’s, or office’s interior wall is actually like a blank piece of canvas. Put some artwork on it, and you can add character and details to any place in the house.

There are many ideas on how to creatively decorate your walls. Here are some of them.

1. Pictures

This is a traditional but time-tested way of decorating. Simply hang framed photos on the wall. Photos can be anything-family members and loved ones, memorable places where you went, or themed and carefully composed pictures of a certain subject. It is best if these pictures were blown up, or enlarged. It would probably be good if you keep the frame uniform; if you used a gold-leaf frame on a certain picture, all other pictures should use the same frame. Doing this effectively omits a look of chaos.

2. Paintings

This is another classical decoration. You can do either of two things: hang a large painting, or hang smaller multiple paintings. The two main criteria for selecting paintings are size and color. The painting should be too large that it will overwhelm the wall, nor to small to be lost in all other items.

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Paintings should be hung in a way so that its center is at eye level. When choosing a painting for a large wall art dcor, choose a bold color in your room or house and choose artwork that has that color in it. If you want muted colors, you may choose a black-and-white art with a light-colored mat or neutral colored frame.

Style should be consistent. For example, if your house or room is filled with antiques, the painting you choose may have antique-style frames.

3. Sculptures

Two-dimensional sculptures are also great for wall decors. Another idea is to surround a larger sculpture or painting with smaller ones. A good way of organizing such is to draw an imaginary rectangle and the part of the wall you want to focus on. Then fill that rectangle with a grouping of related art, in this case, sculptures.

4. Carpet and rugs

Beautifully designed carpets such as Persian rugs can be used as wall decors. Just make sure that it coincides with the theme of your room since these kinds of rugs usually have overwhelming designs. Please note that most Persian rugs are large and can dominate entire walls.

5. Unconventional materials

Do not limit yourself to paintings, photographs, and other classical art. You can use other materials. For example, an old wooden box can be repaired and hanged as a curio cabinet and a wall dcor at the same time. Wooden blocks can be used as candle stands. A piece of weathered driftwood can be used to accent a wall. The possibilities are endless.

6. Wallpaper

Don’t forget this simple large wall art dcor. Wallpapers can really define the atmosphere of a room. You can choose between plain colored ones for a simplistic design or a patterned one to establish a theme. There are endless styles available in home improvement shops

7. Lights

An artful display of lights is a contemporary wall dcor art. Spotlights suspended on the ceiling project beams on the wall. Carefully arranged, the beams can form patterns, lines, and spots that are as effective as any painting. Spotlights can also be used to highlight particular pieces of artwork.

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Super Glue Vs Miracle Glue}

September 30, 2017

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Submitted by: Martin Jones

For the last half century or so the conventional wisdom for gluing something together when you really needed it glued now was to go out and buy a small tube of superglue.

Super glue or Krazy glue have been used for repairing a thousand different things – From broken toys, to fingernails, to skin.

But it has had its problems. Ive heard just about every complaint out there about superglue or krazy glue. Often, it just doesnt work or, the biggest complaint seems to be that when you are ready to use it there is nothing to use it has dried up. My unsubstantiated theory is that is why the containers have gotten smaller over the years. One never gets more than one use out of a tube of super glue because the cap glues shut and you cant get at the rest of it. So, the manufacturers have now made the tubes a one shot deal.

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Approximately ten years ago another product hit the market on this side of the Atlantic – an industrial version of this type of glue that has been marketed mainly through trade shows and events. The main ones available are Miracle Glue, The Last Glue, Pasco Fix and Lighting Bond. You can invariably find these glues being demonstrated at Home Shows and Boat Shows around the country. Most can now be found more easily on the internet.

Technically, the difference is this: The base of all of these adhesives is something called cyanoacrylate. If you move in the hobby circles, it is commonly referred to as CA. The latter, newer glues are far superior. The main difference is in the distillation process the number of times the product is distilled. Super Glue and Krazy Glue can be considered your raw form. They are your crude oil. The newer products: Miracle Glue, The Last Glue and the others are the refined oil. They are distilled several times. The solvents are distilled out. Solvents make super glue dry out too quickly and get brittle and discolor once cured.

In application here are some of the differences. The newer glues come in larger bottles which generally last much longer a year or two if kept refrigerated or in the freezer. You can get literally hundreds of uses if you take care of a bottle. Because there are no solvents, they will not dry out quickly when exposed to the air. If you forget to put the lid back on for even a couple of hours it isnt a problem as long as you dont knock it over. They bond extremely quickly depending on the material being adhered. And for the most part once glued the item will stay glued. The better ones dry both clear and flexible. For all the fishermen out there you can mend your waders with these types of glue as well. Because there are no solvents, you wont melt the neoprene. Super glue or krazy glue will eat a nasty hole right through your waders or wetsuit.

So, the next time your are visiting a Home Show, Boat Show and sometimes the state fair, have a look for the person demonstrating the miracle glue. Quite a show! You will be impressed, Im sure.

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